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Amnesty International note que la semaine derniere, des policiers armes de matraques ont attaque violemment des manifestants pacifiques qui s'etaient rassembles a Harare en vue des manifestations nationales du "16 aout" contre la degradation de la situation economique et sociale dans le pays.
The manifestation was unsigned but statedthat it came from PAO lawyers.
In the manifestation, the lawyers sought for Acosta and Erfe's suspension after capitalizing on the Dengvaxia issue.
Prevalence of musculoskeletal manifestation was found to be more in malnourished children.
Most common mucocutaneous manifestation was viral infections followed by bacterial and fungal infections.
Oral manifestation of diabetes are burning sensations, candidiasis, dental caries, periodontal disease (gingivitis and periodontitis), lichen planus, neurosensory dysaesthesia, salivary dysfunction, xerostomia and halitosis.
The commemoration of the Candle Manifestation is a celebration of freedom, democracy and people's courage, Krpelan added, as quoted by the TASR newswire.The SNS responded by stating that Kiska likes to talk about tolerance but he himself is not capable of tolerating somebody even in the case of commemorative events.
Clinical manifestation showed that 524(79.03%) had fatigue, 334(50.4%) had fever, 383(57.8%) oedema, 156(23.5%) had conjunctivitis and 236(35.6%) had hypertension (Table-2).
Encephalopathy is considered the most common neurological manifestation of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).
In the present study retinal involvement was the most common ophthalmic manifestation, consistent with these reports.
It is important for the physician and the dermatologist to be aware of the mucocutaneous manifestations of HIV, especially oral candidiasis which is its most common mucocutaneous manifestation.