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Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez reminded partylist groups, registered or not, to file their manifestations by then.
A total of 200 patients with dermatological manifestations having pre-existing diabetes and patients in whom diabetes was diagnosed later were included in the study.
Table-4: Clinical manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus in different ethnicities.
Musculoskeletal manifestations and autoantibody profile in 90 hepatitis C virus infected Israeli patients.
They were categorized on the basis of neurological involvement into DF, with and without neurological manifestations.
However, comparison of renal manifestations showed significant difference only with Islamabad study, and not with previous study from central Punjab.
According to the literature, ocular involvement occurs in 9% to 90% of leukemia patients and most frequently affects the retina; (3,4) however, the relationship between the prognosis of leukemia and ocular manifestations remains unclear.
10 Table 2: Clinical Spectrum of Infective Dermatosis Type of Dermatological Total (%) Infection Manifestation FUNGAL Dermatophytosis 6(16.
Though most common manifestation is subconjunctival hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhages can also occur.
Cette manifestation propose une palette d'activites artistiques refletant la richesse et le foisonnement d'un patrimoine millenaire, la marque d'un Maroc fascinant et pluriel, attache a ses traditions et ouvert sur la modernite.
La police, qui avait deploye quelque 400 hommes pour surveiller la manifestation, a alors boucle les acces du batiment pour eviter que d'autres manifestants n'y entrent, avant de les degager par la force.
The most common otological manifestation was chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM), which affected 27% (n = 42) of patients; followed by otitis media with effusion (OME) (15.