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1) adj., adv. completely obvious or evident. 2) n. a written list of goods in a shipment.

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MANIFEST, com. law. A written instrument containing a true account of the cargo of a ship or commercial vessel.
     2. The Act of March 2, 1799, s. 23, requires that when goods, wares, or merchandise, shall be brought into the United States, from any foreign port or place, in any ship or vessel, belonging, in whole or in part to a citizen or inhabitant of the United States, the manifest shall be in writing, signed by the master of the vessel, and that it shall contain the names of the places where the goods in such manifest mentioned, shall have been respectively taken on board, and the places within the United States, for which they are respectively consigned, particularly noticing the goods destined for each place, respectively; the name, description, and build of such vessel, and her true admeasurement or tonnage, the place to which she belongs, with the name of each owner, according to her register, the name of her master, and a just and particular account of the goods so laden on board, whether in package or stowed loose, of any kind whatsoever, with the marks and numbers on each package, the numbers and descriptions of the packages in words at length, whether leaguer, pipe, butt, puncheon, hogshead, barrel, keg, case, bale, pack, truss, chest, box, bandbox, bundle, parcel, cask, or package of any kind, describing each by its usual denomination; the names of the persons to whom they are respectively consigned, agreeably to the bills of lading, unless when the, goods are consigned to order, when it shall be so expressed; the names of the several passengers on; board, distinguishing whether cabin or steerage passengers, or both, with their baggage, specifying the number and description of packages belonging to each, respectively; together with an account of the remaining sea stores, if any. And if any merchandise be imported, destined for different districts, or ports, the quantities and packages thereof shall be inserted in successive order in the manifest; and all spirits, wines and teas, constituting the whole or any part of the cargo of any vessel, shall be inserted in successive order, distinguishing the ports to which they may be destined, and the kinds, qualities and quantities thereof; and if merchandise be imported by citizens or inhabitants of the United States, in vessels other than of the United States, the manifests shall be of the form and shall contain the particulars aforesaid, except that the vessel shall be specially described as provided by a form in the act. 1 Story's Laws, 593, 594.
     3. The want of a manifest, where one is required, or when it is false, is severely punished.

MANIFEST, evidence. That which is clear and requires no proof; that which is notorious. See Notoriety.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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