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The Commission concluded today that the initiative: 'Ensuring Common Commercial Policy conformity with EU Treaties and compliance with international law' is legally inadmissible because it manifestly falls outside the Commission's powers to act, as set out in the EU Treaties.
'It is manifestly clear to Nigerians what happened on February 23.
"We reject the submission that this sentence was manifestly excessive and therefore we dismiss this appeal."
''Whoever sees any fault, they see it in PLM-N and I have said it earlier that justice is not manifestly seen to be done in Nawaz Sharif case '', he held.
were very severe but we are that they manifestly excessive.
This high, judgment, manifestly Judge Topolski The 48-yearold, who admitted two counts of fraud at Birmingham Crown Court, challenged his sentence at London's Appeal Court yesterday, claiming it was too harsh.
These changes gave greater importance to the application of the "manifestly unreasonable" standard of review to be considered by courts when evaluating operating agreement provisions that attempted to reduce or eliminate fiduciary duties.
He submitted the sentence was "manifestly excessive" but accepted: "I am not going to suggest this was not very, very serious offending."
"The Australia-United States alliance has become much more immediately salient since the election of Donald Trump - manifestly, the most ill-informed, underprepared, ethically challenged and psychologically ill-equipped president in the United States history," said Evans, who is now the chancellor of the Australian National University.
After a lifestyle check, Ombudsman investigators found out that Ampatuan's wealth 'is manifestly out of proportion to respondent's salary as former Governor of Maguindanao and to their other lawful income and income from legitimately acquired properties.'
"The decision cannot be described as wrong in principle and it did not produce a manifestly excessive sentence.
Pc Jason Leigh was dismissed without notice for what Chief Constable David Thompson described as "manifestly shameful behaviour."