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Now, in the next step, we will project this initial solution onto the constructed slow manifold in order to split the motions into slow and fast.
This initially approximated curve is then refined in a node-by-node process to find out the invariant manifold by using any appropriate method like the method of the invariant grid (MIG) [10, 11].
According to the mathematical definition of manifold, a manifold can be divided into a number of overlapped patches and each patch is homeomorphic to an open set of Euclidean space.
The Manifold runs on Canonical's Ubuntu operating system and supports CUDA, OpenCV and ROS.
A projective manifold means a smooth projective variety.
An almost contact structure (see Blair [5]) on a (2n + 1)-dimensional smooth manifold [M.
The manifold can be fitted with between two and 16 modules according to the number of circuits; sealing between modules is built into the design.
Such an n-dimensional manifold is denoted by the symbol S[(QE).
Atceken: Geometry of warped product semi-invariant submanifolds of a locally Riemannian product manifold, Serdica Math.
Eddy flow meters/turbulent flow indicators, Tracer electronic flow meters, and cooling water manifolds.
An ([epsilon])-almost contact metric manifold is called an ([epsilon], [delta])-trans-Sasakian manifold if