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Also, our global automotive exhaust manifold market report looks at factors such as growth in production volume of passenger vehicles, increasing the use of lightweight and advanced alloys, and stringent regulatory norms and standards on vehicular emissions.
The custom build required a custom intake manifold that integrates a web-like structure, requiring additive manufacturing at the automaker's German 3D-printing lab.
The k-nullity distribution of a Riemannian manifold (M, g) for a real number k is a distribution
We will show that there is a direct relation between dimensions of brackets and dimensions of manifold and by increasing the number of dimensions of manifold, the number of arrays (number of dimensions) of algebra is increased.
The manifold must be designed in a manner to give higher exhaust velocities even at lower engine rpms.
The quasi equilibrium manifold (QEM) depends on two entities [2], Entropy and Slow variables.
(2) Global Riemannian product of a line or a circle and a Kahlerian manifold with constant holomorphic sectional curvature if k([??], X) = 0;
In Section 3, the mathematical foundations of manifold learning are laid.
DJI, the world leader in creative aerial technology, today announced the launch of the DJI Manifold, a high-performance embedded computer designed specifically to fly.
Any Fano manifold with nef tangent bundle is rational homogeneous.
The gas manifold is considered a pressure vessel under various design codes and regulations, such as the European Pressure Equipment Directive.
Staubli's fluid distribution manifold, the NCI 33, is part of its range of connectors for temperature control circuitry on injection moulding tools.