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Writing in the area of differential geometry at the graduate level, Moore gives foundations for a partial Morse theory of minimal surfaces in Riemannian manifolds.
Karlin, Comparison of Invariant Manifolds for Model Reduction in Chemical Kinetics, Commun.
The manifold alignment is involved in a number of high-dimensional datasets which are taken from different manifolds.
The most advanced distribution blocks, in addition to selector plates, include feedblock sub-assemblies which combine some of the melt streams prior to the die, allowing for product versatility and for a greater number of layers than the number of manifolds that are in the die.
It is easy to prove this inequality for Fano manifolds with nef tangent bundle.
Tanno [22] in the study of Riemannian manifolds (M,g), which is defined for any p [member of] M as follows:
Staubli has introduced a temperature control manifold for injection moulding applications in the plastics sector, which it says simplifies mould connections and brings added flexibility to temperature control circuits.
Keywords and Phrases: Quasi Einstein manifolds, Super quasi Einstein manifolds, Generalized quasi-Einstein manifolds, Killing vector field, Harmonic vector field, Projective Killing vector field, Conformal Killing vector field, Sectional curvature.
Khan: Semi-invariant warped product submanifolds of almost contact manifolds, J.
of Warsaw, Poland) develops a theory of Nobeling manifolds similar to the theory of Hilbert space manifolds.
Smartflow Duoflow Manifolds are extruded aluminum manifolds similar to the original Smartflow one-piece design, the company says.