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Tactile exploratory procedures that are used while touching textures depend on the type of task, manipulability, characteristics of the objects, and familiarity.
The expressed manipulability is positive and equal to zero at a singular configuration, so that it is desired to have high values for w([?
69) is a self-report measure assessing children's interpersonal strategies and their beliefs about the manipulability of other people (Christie & Geis, 1970).
All of these will be used for exploration, and because of their controlled manipulability, the physician will be able to obtain cytologic specimens with instruments inserted through them.
When an employee "works the system" and increases his or her reward from an incentive plan at the expense of the firm, the employee has taken advantage of the manipulability of the incentive plan.
Alginate is commonly used for encapsulation purposes due to the polymer's inertness, non-toxicity, cheapness, easy manipulability, and its availability in large quantities [19].
But, second, it is the particular lie that animates and perpetuates the mechanism of homophobic male self-ignorance and violence and manipulability.
2) Sonic structure becomes apparent on multiple listenings and is dependent, for that, on the recording medium and its manipulability.
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) will be utilized to show the excellent separability and manipulability of a single PP nanofiber from the bundle of the nanofibers.
It was a play about the racial and class divides, about slavery's legacies, about the marginalized, about a generation of men the social revolution had made millionaires not martyrs, about the manipulability of the crowd, and about a generation of young people who were angry but directionless.
A cognitive complex individual would have better information creating, handling, managing and manipulability capabilities leading to creativity.
Katz opens his argument with a list and description of "distinctive and defining trait's] of sound recording technology" that account for "phonograph effects": tangibility, portability, invisibility, repeatability, temporality, and manipulability (p.