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El resultado del teorema de Gibbard (1973) y Satterthwaite (1975) incorpora el comportamiento estrategico de los agentes y concluye asimismo que la unica regla no manipulable (3) es dictatorial.
The visualization of manipulable objects (door handle or kettle) activates an affordance to a specific hand (right or left hand) and a specific posture to grasp it.
* Nikhil Agarwal, Yale University, and Paulo Somaini, MIT and NBER, "Identification and Estimation in Manipulable Assignment Mechanisms"
[beaucoup moins que]Ces proportions alarmantes temoignent du malaise profond existant au sein de la societe, faisant de l'enfant une proie facile, manipulable et exploitable a souhait[beaucoup plus grand que], lit-on dans ledit communique.
Nuestros colegas y companeros, los profesores Alberto Garcia Garcia y Juan Garcia Crego, de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Informacion de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, abordan lo que ellos denominan el "producto virtualizado", para referirse al hecho de que todo producto publicitario debe configurarse tanto para los medios convencionales como para los no convencionales, de tal forma que sea manipulable, moldeable e intercambiable gracias a la postproduccion.
''These fantastic new charges only further support our previous public position that the trial evidence will show that Adel Daoud is an immature, impressionable and manipulable teenager -- not the international terrorist the government seems hell-bent on trying to paint,'' Durkin said.
La obra entre mas elemental es mas manipulable. El arte contemporaneo, que engloba el performance, el video, las instalaciones, las obras neoconceptuales, hace de la baja factura el eje rector de su estilo y es aceptado en museos y galerias con una conmiseracion tal que pareciera que ha muerto la inteligencia.
Instead, Romney refused to be diverted from the "Economy sucks" message on which his campaign had focused from the outset--leaving Republicans susceptible to the supposedly happy news that unemployment had slightly improved to a (highly manipulable) number of 7.8 percent by the end of August.
He warned against Christians being reduced as a result into an insignificant manipulable minority sect.
The criteria address issues of confinement, lack of "manipulable materials", tail docking, teeth clipping/grinding and surgical castration.
I mean that for those who have psychologically assimilated this technology, it has become so taken for granted, so comprehensible and manipulable, such a part of their life, that it has become mundane.
The best-developed blueprint for civic peace in multi-ethnic state is power-sharing or "consociational democracy.This approach assumes that ethnicity is somewhat manipulable, but not so freely.