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Una regla social es implementable en estrategias dominantes si y solo si es no manipulable (Maskin, Laffont y Hildebrand, 1982).
El hombre que pide solo satisfaccion inmediata a sus pulsiones se entrega inevitablemente a quien puede darle esa satisfaccion, y resulta infinitamente manipulable.
Cuando se parte de una antropologia dualista en la que, mas o menos conscientemente, se contraponen persona y naturaleza humana, y la libertad se define como una autonomia sin ningun vinculo que la regule, se termina inevitablemente por considerar lo biologico como algo irrelevante desde el punto de vista moral y enteramente manipulable.
More easily manipulable than film, Walton suggests that digital images are more opaque than traditional photographs and that they frequently create an illusion of transparency.
The five dancers, in addition to performing, become part of visual artist Cecile Pitois' manipulable web of flexible fishing lines.
Una de las caracteristicas de Vidal es burlarse sarcasticamente de la incultura de sus presidentes y le exaspera la ignorancia ilimitada de la poblacion de Estados Unidos, que la hace manipulable.
Artificial en tanto que manipulable seria el fenomeno, tanto como sus causas.
The permeable boundary between private and public media opened a third, manipulable medium for wordless communication of the unspeakable.
9) But it seems to me that originalism is much more manipulable.
Unfortunately, addressing the oil economy, always eminently manipulable, requires leadership, which is the true commodity in short supply today.
I guess it was bound to happen with TV in that the little talent that was available is now spread so thinly that TV production company bosses will grab any half-baked idea and manipulable presenter to fill in the time between adverts.
One reason the concept has resisted this sort of comprehensive critical study might be its very complexity: Fortier quotes John Selden as calling it a "roguish thing," an idea that is elusive, elastic, manipulable, a Janus-like cipher in the middle of the radical politics, theological disputes, and general turmoil of the period.