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The system and its use of multivariate, manipulable glyphs to depict uncertainty was discussed above.
That is that law discourse--law talk as I prefer to call it--is normatively ambiguous and among the most manipulable of all forms of discourse.
161) As a result, the context of their lives might render them relatively more interested in issues other than those presented by children's manipulable preferences.
Of the remaining 2 independent variables, treatment was a manipulable variable with 2 types, which were Systematic Desensitisation (SD) and control while sex was used as a selection variable.
Typically Nejedly refers to the inevitable course and "just verdict" of history, which is inextricably bound up with the idea of progress in this concept of history, and which had entered Czech music criticism as a welcome and readily manipulable stereotype at the end of the 1860s.
In the next years, John Dewey wrote his book " Le public et ses problemes" and he redefined the public itself, distinguishing the citizens informed by the manipulable citizens according to Lippmann.
Rather than the data existing in a linear form such as a book, it now exists as elements that are instantaneously separable, searchable, exchangeable, and also manipulable.
Second, the original study also lacked a reversal procedure, and thus the research did not show that the transfer effects, once established, were manipulable within the experimental setting.
They are "perceivable, manipulable units of sound; they can be combined and contrasted with one another in ways that matter to language users, that is, in ways that make possible the production and perception of words" (McGee & Richgels, 2004, p.
gov is a free gateway to all things federal, from agency websites to consumer guides, ongoing research, and manipulable census data.
La idea del cuerpo docil como objeto manipulable se desliza en el Lazarillo hasta un punto en que se hace central.
It's the standard tool for accumulating information from the surviving friends, relatives, lovers, employees, and other victims of subjects not too distantly deceased, and while the technology for recording such materials has enormously improved, anyone with experience of being interviewed for radio, TV, or film--let alone the popular press-is likely to have discovered how readily manipulable the results can prove to be.