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These objects, appropriable by the masses, are not artworks, but democratically manipulatable forms of culture, things after art, and, as such, prefigurations of a new political age.
We hypothesized that using SL to conduct study groups and classes and, in the future, to create a study lab full of 3-D manipulatable objects, would help students as they prepare for the local anesthesia board exams.
Manipulations can be conducted in the world of logic, not manipulatable in the world of fact [.
For example, in the cash flow scenario auditors may perceive that errors due to cash flows in the enhanced scenario are not more likely given that cash flows are, by nature, not easily manipulatable.
The real objection to Sen's model is that it has the effect of reducing the human species to the level of raw material, to functioning, manipulatable parts in the social machinery.
What language provides beyond intentionality are 'indefinitely manipulatable structures with semantic content' (24).
Meanwhile, the term is also used in a reverse definition: making biological organisms as manipulatable and functional as robots, or making biological organisms as components of robots (Wikipedia, 2009).
Better experimental tools now available and the combined use of microarrays and genetically manipulatable model organisms like Bacteriodes thetaiotaomicron have opened up avenues to more comprehensively investigate the relationships among microbes and their hosts (1,9).
Such sexualized ritual practice enables male practitioners to attain special "powers" (siddhis) or to become "powerful ones" (siddhas, mahasiddhas, or viras), and reciprocally the petulant, angry, and terribly dangerous Yoginis become pacified and manipulatable.
In the hierarchy (Figure 1), a small, manipulatable, freely moveable item on or in a restricted surface or space was hypothesized to be the most likely kind of scene to get coded with the BLC.
In his withering dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia argued that far from qqclarifying what is meant by an undue burdenqq (what the three justices said they were about), this standard qqis inherently manipulatable, and will prove hopelessly unworkable in practice.