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Sun said the purpose of the cloak is not to hide items but to get a better understanding of how to design materials that can manipulate light propagation.
Could it be justifiable to manipulate a species' genetic makeup for completely trivial aesthetic purposes, as is certainly the case with Glofish?
An operator sitting on the pontoon boat will manipulate the robot from a telerobotic chair.
When performing endoscopic sinus surgery, surgeons usually hold the rigid endoscope in their weak hand and manipulate the instruments with the other.
The AFM can be used to manipulate a larger set of objects, and the relative forces required to manipulate the particles can be more easily derived.
E-collaboration software lets users visualize, manipulate, and share CAD files and documents for group viewing and feedback.
In the second case, another large-section iron caster was looking for a mar rapid through-cure in its large mold line in order to manipulate the molds sooner and lower process cost.
12 for trying to manipulate stock prices through illegal transactions in March 1995.
Even though Bosie was mad, petulant, impulsive, I don't think he set out schemingly to manipulate Oscar.
It wont be when the computer and television industries combine to create digital TV -- machines that receive, send, store, and manipulate TV programs the way computers now manipulate other data.
Donald Wildmon and his American Family Association are seen as homophobic advocates of Christian purity, who also willfully manipulate the public into rechanneling its fears of the communist menace "beyond our shores" toward a deviant gay monster who threatens our children and our moral standing.
This lets the user manipulate the information in more ways, and allows the database to stay "alive" until the PageMaker document is ready for publication.