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In order to manipulate light in the terahertz frequency, which lies between infrared and microwaves, Sun and his group developed metamaterials: materials that are designed at the atomic level.
What other nanotechnologies seek to create, we seek to understand and manipulate," she said.
Operators on surface, using control devices and a wireless optical communication system, would manipulate the robots.
It is arguably acceptable within the scientific community to manipulate an organism's genetic integrity for a demonstrably beneficent cause, exemplified in laboratories all over the world.
The '672 Patent relates to digital image compression, and fields of use include any digital still image device used to compress, store, manipulate, print or transmit digital still images such as digital cameras.
The anti-fat crusaders want to manipulate us too, but for our own good.
If the accounting methodology for a transaction or event involves different alternatives or a good degree of estimating and judgment, or represents an evolving area in accounting, or is unclear, unusual, or not fully supportable, then management has the tools and the temptation to manipulate financial reporting.
Using such a device during endoscopic sinus surgery leaves both of the surgeon's hands free to manipulate the instruments.
Laser beams can also be used to trap and manipulate small particles.
avatars for characters and props for role-playing) and text tools, which enabled the students to use their imagination and creativity and manipulate the tools to recreate a Maui legend through role-playing.
E-collaboration software lets users visualize, manipulate, and share CAD files and documents for group viewing and feedback.
In the second case, another large-section iron caster was looking for a mar rapid through-cure in its large mold line in order to manipulate the molds sooner and lower process cost.