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Traders reportedly manipulated rates by trading just before and within a crucial one minute window when benchmarks are set, according to Bloomberg.
26) The legislator apparently "became upset when high school students manipulated a digital photograph by putting heads on bodies of the opposite sex.
We will see the WTO manipulated by special interests in the same way we have seen other bodies manipulated by special interests, but the WTO will be made up of organizations that are comprised of governments that do not believe in democracy and honesty and free press and free speech and the standards we believe in.
And his ``Water Passion,'' composed in 2000 in commemoration of the 250th anniversary of Bach's death and first presented locally by the Los Angeles Master Chorale in March, mingles manipulated bowls of water with string instruments and a large chorus.
First manipulated by science for research purposes, the transgenic Zebrafish has been transmogrified into the Glofish.
NetMeeting allows CAD files to be shared so that remote computers can see what's being manipulated on a host CAD screen.
The objective is to minimize the fresh water consumption, effluent flow rates, and the variations of levels and manipulated variables in the whitewater network by manipulating flow rates between tanks, fresh water input, and effluents outputs.
Do you stand by the portrait of Oscar as being so helplessly manipulated by Bosie?
In an experiment, the variable you investigate to determine its effect is called the independent or manipulated variable.
Examining the importance of a repressive culture that discourages individual freedom and empowerment in providing a complacent and obedient public to service a free-market economy, he draws a somber picture of a nation manipulated by carefully orchestrated public representations, the suppression of conflicting images, and the squelching of the opposition through such actions as resuscitating the draconian McCarran-Walter immigration act and instituting government "spying" programs.
A media list, for example, could be manipulated in FileMaker Pro to produce not only personalized letters and mailing labels, but also a handy one-page phone list, a form for keeping track of interviews and follow-up calls and a guide containing useful background information on each journalist and media outlet.
The resulting polymer chain can be manipulated in a number of ways to affect physical properties and processing characteristics.