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The primary objective was to compare drug liking after subjects snorted manipulated Egalet-001 versus manipulated MS Contin.
authorities after claims they'd manipulated the London interbank offer rate (Libor), also calculated by Thomson Reuters.
Global Banking News-February 13, 2012--Citigroup made to realise losses after traders manipulated global interest rates(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
To facilitate this they manipulated two of the four canonical codes governing the "procedural norms" for "competency" (Canons 1673.
In this scenario, if a witness were willing to deceive the court with a manipulated photograph, discovery of such perjurious intent would be problematic.
The WTO was created by sovereign nations to create a true international trade community, but today the WTO is manipulated by multinational corporations with a loyalty to nothing but their bottom line.
In ``Paper Concerto,'' Tan transforms paper of different sizes and strengths into variously manipulated percussion instruments, including paper cymbals, wax paper bags (``for blowing and popping'') and something called a paper thunder tube.
The intention is to create an underwater mining environment using communication systems and submersible machines, which will be manipulated from the surface by researchers using telerobotic controls.
Used originally (and still) as a model in environmental research, the transgenic Zebrafish, one of many genetically manipulated species used in science, started out in the laboratory of Tsai Huaijan, a professor at National Taiwan University.
It also reflects an anti-capitalist perspective that views people as helpless automatons manipulated [by] big corporations .
However, in The Palace, the VR environment is represented by visual cues in which objects such as avatars (graphical representations of one's identity) and props (an object that can be worn, like a hat; be held, like a baseball bat, or be attached, like a pair of sunglasses) can be visually represented and physically manipulated.
But Covisint never upgraded the initial CAD visualization module, which presented only a static image that couldn't be rotated or manipulated.