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The primary utilization of the micro particle manipulating system herein
Assuming the prevalence of phone manipulation nationwide rose as it did in Northern Virginia to 3.4 percent, and assuming, based on the latest research, that fatal crash risk is 66 percent higher when manipulating a phone, then more than 800 of the estimated crash deaths in 2017 could be attributed to phone manipulation.
Outraged, Ola thought it was a fix, another example of manipulating the vote SOURCE CLOSE TO OLA ON HER REACTION TO CATSUIT BAN
Most recently, it seems that Turkey's bizarre relations with radical Islamic groups in Syria and Iraq are causing Turkey problems, but Erdoy-an, once again is manipulating the facts on the ground.
She hopes that by manipulating this particular family of proteins she can encourage the stem cells to show a higher percentage of neural markers indicating that they could mature into neural cells rather than what they would normally do, which is form into bone, cartilage and fat.
The subsidiary pleaded guilty last April to wire fraud and admitted its role in manipulating the Japanese yen London interbank offered rate, or Libor.
Many of these financial institutions now face a new allegation: manipulating worldwide exchange rates.
It has only recently been realized that one could manipulate it without destroying it by choosing a particular set-up for the device and manipulating the material," said Sinova.
The party charged Gujarat CM Narendra Modi with manipulating electronic voting machines ( EVM) to win the panchayat elections.
Treasury Department determined Wednesday that China is not manipulating its currency to gain unfair trade advantages but reasserted its call for more flexible exchange rates.
Such a structure, known as a photonic crystal, remains a potentially useful component for manipulating light on chips, Vlasov says.
It is my contention that there was no intention of allowing me, the defendant, to respond to the charges contained in the wording of the Petition--rather, it turned out to be about manipulating code language and the process of "procedural norms."