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once again declined to cite any Asian countries as manipulating their currencies to gain unfair trade advantages with the U.
The strength of OT is that they are well suited for manipulating biological objects and refractive and metallic particles, yet it is usually used in solution.
Students can play roles by manipulating avatars and communicating through text-based messages.
35) Actively manipulating the outside of a bag with the entire hand to feel what is in the bag may or may not be considered a search.
Baldeon demonstrates how symbols of any organized collective can be destroyed simply by manipulating the codes on which they depend.
Clark has been approaching scent engineering by manipulating the native genes of a single plant, a petunia, rather than transferring scent genes from one species to another.
By manipulating the fiber and fines fractions, papermakers can improve sheet properties.
Delgadillo said the contract was improperly extended in 2000 - by failing to get approval from the Board of Water and Power Commissioners - and prices were driven up by Reliant's practices in manipulating the natural gas market.
Now, with inspiration from lotus leaves, a second team has succeeded in manipulating water with a beam of ultraviolet light.
Attorney Brian Reed was seeking the hearing on behalf of a rejected cheerleader's mother, who accused the coach of manipulating the selection process against her daughter.
The objective is to minimize the fresh water consumption, effluent flow rates, and the variations of levels and manipulated variables in the whitewater network by manipulating flow rates between tanks, fresh water input, and effluents outputs.
It offers sophisticated capabilities for manipulating, viewing and sharing data throughout larger organizations.