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10) Spontaneous dissection more commonly involves the carotid arteries; (4) however, the vertebral arteries appear more prone to dissection as a consequence of chiropractic manipulation, (11) likely due to their relation to the cervical spine.
Spinal manipulation - along with other less traditional therapies such as heat, meditation and acupuncture - seems to be as effective as many other more medical therapies we prescribe, and as safe, if not safer.
This decision may hinder the CFTC's ability to prosecute manipulation cases under the new anti-manipulation provisions added by the Dodd-Frank reform and consumer protection act.
According to the supposed witnesses, the vote manipulation was done in a privately owned building in Quezon province from where the votes were purportedly manipulated.
the transparency of public expenditure, increase of meaningfulness and justification in taxpaying, conscious resistance to manipulation, promotion of spiritual values of truth and proper behavior - creation of the so-called atmosphere of psychological contract), decrease of resistance to income tax is possible.
Even though banks accused of forex manipulations settled with regulators, private investors have been suing the banks for losses they incurred because of the actions of the banks.
These investigations, which examined potential electricity-market manipulation by Barclays and JP Morgan, resulted in $720 million in penalties, $159.
In the study, the researchers at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis developed a mathematical model for the evolution of manipulated behavior and applied it to maternal manipulation in eusocial organisms, such as ants, wasps, and bees, which form colonies with reproductive queens and sterile workers.
Appropriate forms of image manipulation consist of minimal change of an image\'s contrast, brightness or size in order to beautify the appearance of an originally captured image.
Another key reason for the development of this CPR was the ongoing controversial topic of safety and risk of cranio-cervical arterial dysfunction from cervical spine manipulation (Ernst 2007).
It has been suggested that spinal manipulation may overcome neural deficits by a number of mechanisms including reduced nerve impingement, altered discharge from muscle spindles, Golgi tendon organs, mechanoreceptors and nociceptors, altered sensory processing in the spinal cord (allowing increased pain tolerance), and altered skeletal muscle reflexes.
Saudi Arabia's bourse regulator is probing 92 cases of suspected violations including price manipulation and improper disclosure, the regulator's chief said in remarks published in the press.