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These investigations, which examined potential electricity-market manipulation by Barclays and JP Morgan, resulted in $720 million in penalties, $159.
Manipulation not only occurs in humans and animals but also at the cellular level, such as among cells in a multicellular organism, or in parasites, which can alter the behavior of their hosts.
Image manipulation is the act of altering or enhancing the quality of an image in order to present the image better.
On top of the manipulation of Libor, we are witnessing more alleged and potential manipulation of benchmarks in energy markets like oil and gas, while investigations have begun into whether traders at some of the world's biggest banks have manipulated foreign exchange rates," said rapporteur Arlene McCarthy (S&D, UK).
Another key reason for the development of this CPR was the ongoing controversial topic of safety and risk of cranio-cervical arterial dysfunction from cervical spine manipulation (Ernst 2007).
of Paris) and Croibier (visceral manipulation and osteopathic diagnosis, A.
Nanorobotic Manipulation and Assembly provides a technical review of the basics of nano manipulation and assembly and covers the latest applications in the field, making for a solid pick for any college-level collection strong in nanotechnology applications.
People with neck pain may find more relief from spinal manipulation and physical therapy exercises than pain medications, suggests a study published Jan.
10-12 The objective of this study was to determine whether a single chiropractic spinal manipulation (SM) could improve strength imbalances between legs.
Saudi Arabia's bourse regulator is probing 92 cases of suspected violations including price manipulation and improper disclosure, the regulator's chief said in remarks published in the press.
External laryngeal manipulation technique is frequently used to improve the visualisation of the glottis and introduction of the tracheal tube (1-3).
Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (8th: 2008: Beijing, China) Ed.