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We've seen small, mid, and more recently large cap stocks being targets of attack by social bots using social media manipulation to attempt to drive stock prices one way or another.
Global Banking News-October 23, 2015--UK banks to pay compensation for forex manipulations
These symptoms started after a visit to her chiropractor and neck manipulation.
htm) Hong Kong regulators are reported to have launched their own investigations into allegations of currency market manipulation.
Washington, Aug 20 ( ANI ): Manipulation might be responsible for the evolutionary origins of some helpful or altruistic behaviour, a new study has revealed.
Puentedura EJ, Landers MR, Cleland JA, Mintken PE, Huijbregts P and Fernandez-de-Las-Penas C (2011) Thoracic spine thrust manipulation versus cervical spine thrust manipulation in patients with acute neck pain: a randomized clinical trial.
of Paris) and Croibier (visceral manipulation and osteopathic diagnosis, A.
Nanorobotic Manipulation and Assembly provides a technical review of the basics of nano manipulation and assembly and covers the latest applications in the field, making for a solid pick for any college-level collection strong in nanotechnology applications.
According to a discussion paper released today by economists at The Brattle Group, the European Commission's proposed Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (the 'REMIT Proposal') highlights the need for a clearer definition of the behaviour that constitutes market manipulation in energy markets.
Saudi Arabia's bourse regulator is probing 92 cases of suspected violations including price manipulation and improper disclosure, the regulator's chief said in remarks published in the press.
External laryngeal manipulation technique is frequently used to improve the visualisation of the glottis and introduction of the tracheal tube (1-3).
Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (8th: 2008: Beijing, China) Ed.