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Key members of this initial NZMTA founding group were also involved with the development of IFOMT, now called the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physio (Physical) Therapists (IFOMPT).
If a coach, mentor or guru comes across a manipulative or slimy, stay away.
Goldman Sachs purchased a type of "conversion trades" that were part of the manipulative scheme which were cleared by Merrill Lynch Professional Clearing Corporation in San Francisco, and which trades were effected on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange in San Francisco.
The current authors were concerned that the use of mathematics manipulative materials is often justified on the basis that the students are involved in "hands on" learning.
He's the most manipulative man I've ever come across and has shown no remorse whatsoever for his crimes," he said.
Most manipulative treatment in the UK is done by osteopaths, but to date provision under the NHS has been scarce and patchy.
Effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment on pediatric patients with asthma: A randomized controlled trial.
The dark night: When the sleazy commander in chief has a stroke, the manipulative White House chief of staff installs a look-alike, Dave, rather than turn over the reins to the decent vice president.
The use of language as propaganda is very common and manipulative, as George Orwell pointed out decades ago.
As Magne manipulative strives for power and ownership of the investment, one man and five women stand in his way, persistently interfering with his plans, each with different intent.
Inclusive of essays from many highly esteemed and honored figures in Christian studies, Rhetoric And Reality In Early Christianities is an exclusive study of the many manipulative and often polemical strategies used by Christian followers and leaders to gain favor and followers for the young and often disputatious religion.
Eleven of the activities required listening to music and responding to the steady beat with the body or with a manipulative.