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The article by Alcantara and Davis (7) stated test subjects with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder were treated with both spinal manipulative therapy and nutritional supplementation; since the children were treated with two different modalities, it would have been impossible for us to determine which therapy resulted in the improvements reported by the authors, thus rendering it impossible for us to have assessed this study using our assessment instrument.
A mathematics manipulative material is an object that can be handled by an individual in a sensory manner during which conscious and unconscious mathematical thinking will be fostered.
Currie believes that it is deceitful, disingenuous and manipulative behavior that has created the current climate of animosity and distrust between the genders.
In any case, the onus is on the manipulative practitioner to determine that the patient's presenting condition does not include symptoms or signs likely to be indicative of, or associated with, cerebrovascular ischaemia.
The sentencing Recorder, who described Smith as violent and manipulative, said he had considered imposing a life term.
Judge David Wynn Morgan said, ``You are a self-centred, domineering, callous and manipulative man wholly insensitive to the feelings of other human beings.
In addition, these dynamic visual representations can be manipulated in the same ways that a concrete manipulative can.
As physicians, we have to be compassionate in spite of sometimes demanding behavior, or what we may interpret as manipulative.
Mr Nick Tatlow, defending, told the court Gregg was "under the influence of an evil, manipulative man who wanted to take revenge on people he blamed for his predicament".
The report, from the Center for Media Education, accuses Internet sites sponsored by various manufacturers of kid-oriented products such as breakfast cereal and toys of being not just new places to advertise goods but "highly manipulative forms of advertising, often disguised as information or entertainment, [which] could intrude into every corner of the lives of children.
Spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) is a frequently applied therapy for back and neck pain.
Returning to the broader issue of the health of the government securities market, it is the Board of Governors' judgment that the reforms outlined in the interagency report--changes in auction mechanisms, active and rigorous monitoring of market rates, and the clear willingness to use relative supplies to punish manipulative behavior--will work to prevent a replay of last year's events.