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The launch of an alternative virtual currency to rival the traditional fiats that were now being manipulatively devalued by the world's most powerful Central Banks further raised the profile of the Bitcoin.
In the beginning of the project I was stunned by how manipulatively art and philosophy were used during the Cold War by the CIA and its allies.
We cannot read or react to arguments as timeless or ahistorical, but rather as interwoven expressions of individuals and groups grappling as best they can, or perhaps as ingenuously or manipulatively as they can, with the issues of their time/space perceptual reality.
Both Ouida stories are simply plotted, manipulatively sentimental tales of suffering and loss inflicted upon idealized peasants.
It's another thing to manipulatively mislead someone and their affections.
who his Charlie, 31, said: "You should never touch a young girl anyway, but he very, very manipulatively and very slowly sexually assaulted me.
In their final ruling, the judges emphasized that "the accused manipulatively and grotesquely exploited the principles of loyalty and his lofty stature in the household, the trust put in him and the fear he aroused, in order to substantiate his influence and control over the family members.
a short story that was part of the Delhi Noir anthology published in 2009, the film is neither manipulatively 'bold' nor exploitatively 'erotic'.
And if we want to explore the tensions and potential concordances of humanity, the old Enlightenment picture of religion as the alliance of fearful people, feverish imaginations and a manipulatively clever priest caste must be dispensed with.
The new minister of justice, after all, is one of the engineers of the electoral procedure that unjustly and manipulatively brought the Muslim Brotherhood to where they are today.
There is little doubt that preaching can be big business, a commodity of Sorts, which can be manipulatively packaged in a way that is extremely profitable.
Dellwood actually recognizes that the true purpose behind the strict rejection of the selective waiver doctrine is to prevent parties from manipulatively using privilege.