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This manipulatory space included a four-arm maze (each arm was 30 x 3 x 2 cm) surrounded by an array of five small pieces of furniture (peripheral cues) on a white board (79 x 59 cm).
First, the power of the woman in the pre-migration household was covert and manipulatory.
Maldonado, he denounced Las Vegas as being the culmination of more than half a century of masked manipulatory violence directed towards the formation of an apparently free and playful urban environment in which men are completely devoid of innovative will (Modern Architecture, A Critical History, Thames and Hudson, London, 1980, p290).
The secret is to some degree a gender issue in the novel--protean young Marcello transforms himself into a woman by his manipulatory withdrawal from his pursuer, Lino:
The narrative dilemma of nonunderstanding in Taleb is mirrored on the level of characterization with Hafiz, who, through the vicissitudes of a nearly picaresque plot, never visibly reacts to the manipulatory abuses of an Afghan version of Islamic fundamentalism.
The major characteristics of a "high Machiavellian" orientation are: deceitful, manipulatory (but not obvious), suspicious of others, emotionally detached, impersonal and opportunistic, ambitious and consequently impatient, appears unresponsive to personal or ethical concerns of others, has little concern for conventional morality and are not opposed to dishonesty (Christie & Geis, 1970).