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The one on the left, namely Le Sauvage, is a manlier, sizzling steakhouse with smooth, leather-bound upholstery, shiny decor and a cool-looking model on a poster-style painting looking across with a suitable moody expression.
In the first block of trials, participants are required to respond in a pro-slim/anti-fat manlier, for example, responding "similar" to positive--slim and negative--fat trial types and "opposite" to positive--fat and negative--slim trial types.
Yet, one of the values detailed in the CF Code of Values and Ethics is that CF members act, at all times, in the public interest, and in a manlier that will bear the most public scrutiny.
The six-tiered bride's cake, by Corey Lewis of Oxford, alternated layers of double vanilla cake with Nutella and vanilla buttercream and lemon cake with raspberry preserves and Gran Manlier buttercream, all covered with vanilla buttercream and a full fresh floral top with pearls and sugar rhinestones.
What the court did reinforce is that fiduciaries must act in a prudent manlier by making reasoned and reasonable decisions and by documenting their process.
These results suggested that fucodian suppressed ex vivo microvessel formation in a dose-dependent manlier.
State Department twenty-three-year veteran Peter Van Buren served in Iraq for twelve months in 2009 "as part of the civilian Surge deployed to backstop the manlier military one.
Rugby has flirted with Beckham-levels of man-grooming and the cult of the individual but are we seeing a return to the traditional, no-nonsense and frankly manlier team values that still thrive at grass-roots level?
Washington, July 21 (ANI): A new research has indicated that good-looking and manlier men are better in bed and more likely to get their partners pregnant
But if Welshman Gavin Henson is more the perma-tanned pretty boy, England and GB winger Stuart Reardon is clearly at the manlier end of the modelling market.
John's Jesus is carefully masculinized by comparison; Jesus is superior to, and therefore manlier than, those around him.
Nobody is allowed to disturb me when I soak up the atmosphere: the graceful ladies with their pretty dresses and gloved hands, gentlemen that seem to look so much manlier and the beautiful settings with magnificent houses and gardens.