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Apparently civilian males felt inadequate enough for not fighting America's enemies that they wanted at least to appear manlier.
Shantelle Przybylo's appropriately over-the-top take on "Come scoglio" was particularly effective, as was Clarence Frazer's very physical "Non siate ritrosi," which deals here with manlier parts than usual, but really there weren't any weak links and the acting was terrific.
Taunting, hitting, beating, abusing, disfiguring and tormenting women will not make a man manlier, but instead, will strip him off his manhood.
For in them as men of stouter stomachs, bolder spirits, and manlier courage than handicraftsmen and ploughmen be, doth consist the whole power, strength, and puissance of our army, when we must fight in battle.
passionne et debordant quelquefois, auquel il faut mettre un corset et qu'il faut durcir du dedans," he writes, essentially appealing to Colet to pull a Lady Macbeth and swap her milk for manlier gall.
The one on the left, namely Le Sauvage, is a manlier, sizzling steakhouse with smooth, leather-bound upholstery, shiny decor and a cool-looking model on a poster-style painting looking across with a suitable moody expression.
In the first block of trials, participants are required to respond in a pro-slim/anti-fat manlier, for example, responding "similar" to positive--slim and negative--fat trial types and "opposite" to positive--fat and negative--slim trial types.
Yet, one of the values detailed in the CF Code of Values and Ethics is that CF members act, at all times, in the public interest, and in a manlier that will bear the most public scrutiny.
I doubt if there was ever carved a manlier frame than Faustino's; and certain it is that there never was a face nearer the ideal Mars.
This analysis leaves invisible, however, those works that do not function in this manlier, and thus are not as widely disseminated or as readily embraced by the critical establishment.