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The militarization that sustained Cold War relationships between people for forty years required armed forces with huge appetites for recruits; it also depended on ideas about manliness and womanliness that touched people who never went through basic training.
Her romanticized portrait of blue-collar manliness is strangely unsexed: The workingman's sense of male identity, she asserts, came from doing something "worthwhile," not from being masculine per se.
The morality, decency and manliness of the whole team was in danger.
Manliness is a dominant theme throughout this story (and abolitionist writings in general).
Hollywood heavyweight Michael Sheen reckons living with fellow actors Matthew Rhys and Ioan Gruffudd is a boost to his manliness - because they're so camp
Thousands of other men are gladly giving up their guns in favour of athletic pursuits that require more stamina and manliness, rather than callousness, such as snorkelling, diving, rock-climbing, hiking and biking.
Here we equate fun with drunkenness, and manliness with how much and how fast you can drink.
5) TATTOOS Sports at least one as a testament to his manliness, despite his aversion to pain or matching Martha Stewart duvet cover and dust ruffle.
After the op, Phil buries himself in work, having to come up with a winning campaign to advertise power tools (an all-too simple metaphor for manliness and virility).
Here, SpongeBob is tormented by Plankton in an effort to discover the Krabby Patty's secret formula and then attends someone else's reunion and tries to prove his manliness.
the many representations of craftsmen, tradesmen, and laborers who emerge as key figures that excite, please, and sometimes frighten the audience, working men whose manliness matters.
Kuala Lumpur, May 29 (ANI): Men on the Indonesian island of Lombok run away with girls to prove their manliness, according to Indonesian Novian Arif.