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Measure of Manliness thus traces a "trajectory from an uncomplicated and improving friendship between the strong man and a weak man to a rivalry to almost no relationship at all" (123).
There are some surprising inclusions, however, in this year's publication of The Art of Manliness 2016.
Making a wordplay with the word 'andrismos' -- which can be translated as manliness, or valor and less often as a description for male genitalia -- the DISY MP wrote: "If Ms Charalambidou is referring to manhood then I confess myself to be completely unqualified to measure it.
Men and Manliness on the Frontier: Queensland and British Columbia in the Mid-Nineteenth Century.
Check out all the cheeky declarations of manliness here
Gareth's manliness, and in particular the way he achieves and
As the title of this monograph promises, Christopher Marlow's study explores the definition of a scholar's masculinity or manliness in "onstage performances of manhood" (172) by college students of Oxford and Cambridge through roughly the first four decades of the seventeenth century.
My idea of manliness is to be incapable of doing anything.
Disputes about the writing of history are part of larger disputes about manliness and feeling, modes that were in contention throughout the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Melbourne, Dec 26 ( ANI ): Natalie Portman has confessed that she loves Australian men because they have a manliness in them that is lacking in a lot of American actors.
If these macho "hunters" want to prove their manliness, they should visit a local range and compete against real shooting marksmen and leave the world's wildlife alone, before they are eventually gone.
With his study The Myth of Manliness in Irish National Culture, 7880-1922, Joseph Valente usefully focuses that conversation on manliness, a category long defined by scholars as either essentially ontological or ethical, but one Valente sees instead as "fundamentally ideological" (2).