manner of conduct

See: dealings
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Investors are gradually getting used to the manner of conduct of the Russian market, and do not run the risk of a prolonged stay in position.
In the recommendations provided, the report urged the public to abide by the traffic systems and rules on the basis that protecting self and others is called for in all religions and is a manner of conduct that reflects the society's culture via full cooperation with traffic men and policemen via reporting serious violations.
The monument dispute also focused attention on the culture of personality politics in Turkey, where Erdogan's forceful style helped strip the military of political power, but drew criticism that his manner of conduct was imperial.
The conditions for this are highly contentious: at the very least, this must involve a de jure or de facto manner of conduct of states, which is of a certain duration, uniformity and coverage.
Objections cannot be raised to the creation of a customary norm if the manner of conduct is only observed over a short period of time.
A manner of conduct is seen as being uniform if a representative number of subjects governed by international law tend to conduct themselves in a similar fashion, and if no noteworthy differences can be ascertained.
A very clear message has to be given to young people that in today's society we do not tolerate this manner of conduct.
A senior official singled out the European units of UNIFIL, particularly the Italian, French and Spanish contingents, for their professional manner of conduct.