manner of expression

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But because the reader may be curious to have some idea of the style and manner of expression peculiar to that people, as well as to know the article upon which I recovered my liberty, I have made a translation of the whole instrument, word for word, as near as I was able, which I here offer to the public.
He is a fascinating poet whose idiom and unique manner of expression translates seamlessly into the poetics of contemporary English.
Because he was elected despite all the objections against him, his ideas, his brutal frankness, and his manner of expression, I do not think Rodrigo Duterte is in awe of anything.
The term itself is derived via Latin paraphrasis, meaning 'additional manner of expression,'" says Fil of his latest show.
Although First Amendment precedent on point does favor allowing school officials to prohibit speech disruptive of the school's educational mission, that same precedent requires, public schools--entities of the state--to tolerate all manner of expression that does not interfere with the educational mission.
The board added, "The fact that this kind of language may hold little shock value outside of school does not mean that educators can simply permit such a manner of expression.
It was then my pleasure to observe students grasp a more sophisticated understanding of the breadth and limitations of freedom of expression as we discussed case law that introduced them to a host of expression doctrines, including prior restraint versus subsequent punishment regulations; time, place and manner of expression regulations versus content regulations; unprotected forms of expression versus quasi- protected and preferred forms of expression; pure speech versus symbolic expression; and the freedom to speak versus the freedom not to speak.
But the way for this tutoiement had been paved by the Mercure National, which already in 1790 had published an anonymous editorial diatribe against a manner of expression that is "feudal, servile, and humiliating.
Siegel, whether in manner of expression, breadth and depth of knowledge of New York's procedural laws, or impact upon those procedural laws.
It also seeks to develop his concept of 'emotional integrity', a notion that, albeit in a Nietzschean-Sartrean mode, appears to bear some resemblance to Aristotle's idea of appropriateness in emotions--that the emotion should be right for the person who feels it, and the person or object it is felt towards, both in its kind, its strength, and its time and manner of expression.
Among these are the clarity of method with which Frankenberg has approached her subject, the engaging but erudite style of her own writing, and the fidelity of reproducing (as much as possible when moving from oral to written communication) the manner of expression of the men and women who told their stories for the book.
She had her inner-city English class write and perform plays using their own manner of expression.