manner of living

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And there was only one way out of this hazardous manner of living, and that was to get out.
My husband, to give him his due, was a man of infinite good nature, but he was no fool; and finding his income not suited to the manner of living which he had intended, if I had brought him what he expected, and being under a disappointment in his return of his plantations in Virginia, he discovered many times his inclination of going over to Virginia, to live upon his own; and often would be magnifying the way of living there, how cheap, how plentiful, how pleasant, and the like.
There was a very general ignorance of all naval matters throughout the party; and he was very much questioned, and especially by the two Miss Musgroves, who seemed hardly to have any eyes but for him, as to the manner of living on board, daily regulations, food, hours, &c.
The desire to assume the trappings of royalty, by the use of titles, dress, and manner of living and by believing that their "call" makes priests a different level of human being.
48) or "Zuhd was the manner of living during the early period of Islam" (p.
Collins presents the first comprehensive treatment of the life and times of Cyril Scott (1879-1970), one of the most promising young composers of the turn of twentieth century Britain, whose aesthetic ideal imbued his music and manner of living.
However, now it was no longer fit for any manner of living things.
The manner of living, praying and working should be suitably adapted everywhere .
One would need only to go to Korea, as I have been during the past two summers, and there observe the manner of living and of the activity being engaged in by medical personnel serving with the combatants in the theater of war.
Also the child was of nine years, so it would have been difficult for him to pick up the language and manner of living of the country.
This thing may help to develop one's style of thinking and sometimes the manner of living.
The Two Martini Diet" is not the new "fad" diet, in fact it is not a diet at all; simply put, it is an explanation of a "new manner of living.