manner of presentation

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The manner of presentation also depends on the age of the child.
Inglorious Empire, which was published in India in 2016 under the title An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India, a brilliant work by Shashi Tharoor, is distinguished among this literature in its manner of presentation and dazzling arguments.
Winning publications are characterised by originality of research or thought and a high scholastic standard in the manner of presentation.
The first part features a general introduction as well as investigations into the style of writing, manner of presentation, hermeneutics, theology, polemics, and other aspects of the text.
As Such, The Substance Of The Proposal Will Carry More Weight Than Their Form Or Manner Of Presentation.
A detailed description of the methods used and the manner of presentation proposed by these Market Research Organizations is excellently outlined by Vance Packard in his path-breaking book The Hidden Persuaders .
Still, this manner of presentation recalls other pieces by Brancusi, including Le Muse Endormie 11, one of several "horizontalizing" works so expressive of the quiddity of raw matter, whether stone, wood, or bronze.
The second half of The Sense of Sound, Chapters 5-8, explores the internal sound world of prayer through an examination of iconography in Books of Hours and, by extrapolation, plausible connections in terms of like manner of presentation and decoration with a group of motets in the Montpellier Codex.
Furthermore, according to these editors, the available transcription of "Tuan Jim" is of questionable reliability, and the lists of variants in various scholarly editions of Conrad's works appear "behind barbed wire" in their manner of presentation, which seriously hampers reading ease (ix).
The redundant manner of presentation detracts from its logical flow of information, readability, and understandability.
The manner of presentation gave the impression that the channel has decided that Rathore should be sent behind bars and the timing of the programme could have easily been interpreted as an attempt to influence the judgement of the case.
It said the language used and manner of presentation was not appropriate, as the station's breakfast show was meant to be a factually accurate news and current affairs programme.