manner of presentation

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As Such, The Substance Of The Proposal Will Carry More Weight Than Their Form Or Manner Of Presentation.
The redundant manner of presentation detracts from its logical flow of information, readability, and understandability.
The comprehensive report praised Suntech's EH&S practices and transparency: "The manner of presentation and transparency is unrivalled in comparison to the other companies we took under review.
It said the language used and manner of presentation was not appropriate, as the station's breakfast show was meant to be a factually accurate news and current affairs programme.
Still, this manner of presentation recalls other pieces by Brancusi, including Le Muse Endormie 11, one of several "horizontalizing" works so expressive of the quiddity of raw matter, whether stone, wood, or bronze.
The manner of presentation is important, and companies can use it to provide more direct, specific, clear and understandable executive compensation disclosure.
Its content may not reflect the appropriate feast day, for example, or its manner of presentation may include unexpected or untraditional elements, such as local history.
Among Murphy's virtues as a writer are his meticulously organized manner of presentation and his penchant for driving straight to the heart of the relevant philosophical argument.
Its success was due to its manner of presentation and to its emphasis on accuracy and detail.
All the foregoing relates to the manner of presentation of information relevant to grappling with the nature of the Irish material.
Lucidity and a constructive manner of presentation are characteristic features of any good writing.