manner of proceeding

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This manner of proceeding, akin to philosophy and political philosophy, relates the principal ideas of various thinkers and then posits their influence on others later based on resemblance rather than direct proof.
The lender must deal with the reality of the current situation and, under the cloud of a potential default, decide the best manner of proceeding.
The reader may feel, therefore, a little short-changed by this manner of proceeding.
The 39-page ruling introduced by Pope John XXIII, called Instruction on the Manner of Proceeding In Cases Of Solicitation, tells bishops how to handle claims about priests including soliciting sex during confession, child sex abuse, homosexuality and bestiality.
Its characteristic manner of proceeding is to describe each work in detail, noting analogues across Blake's corpus, and investigating possible visual or verbal sources, some canonical and many quite arcane.
Price's manner of proceeding is logical, persuasive and theoretically astute.
This manner of proceeding will give readers not only what St Thomas said but show how he arrived at his conclusion by a combination of scriptural knowledge, logic and recourse to ancient philosophers.
Bruni's intention is to rewrite Diogenes; his manner of proceeding is more in the way of a rearrangement of the miscellaneous hodge-podge of information that Diogenes hands down.