manner of speaking

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Which, In a manner of speaking, they have: From the moment our tortured hero gets saddled with a hyper-precocious niece, this pseudo-gritty descent Into a shady New York underworld reveals Its soft, contrived center.
The body language and the manner of speaking are telltale signs of who is arrogant," Nitish said.
Moscow will therefore have to pull out all stops to convince the world that it is capable of hosting an incident-free Winter Olympics which, in a manner of speaking, is going to be Putin's
Whittled down to a mere 20 contestants -- ten boys and ten girls -- they underwent a whole day of theoretical and practical training under the guidance of staff from Ajmal and perfumer partners, Firmenich, to tell apart jasmines from their jatrophas, in a manner of speaking.
All related programming will stem, in a manner of speaking, from the Humanity Tree.
Given shock doc The Man with the Ten-Stone Testicles: a Bodyshock Special (Monday, Channel 4) attracted an audience of almost four million, you can only say that TV's going to the dogs, in a manner of speaking.
Well, in a manner of speaking, yes--and with splendidly gross results.
The issue, in this manner of speaking, derives from our constitutional rights to freedom from tyranny.
The remaining chapters consider "mind as" a manner of speaking, behavior, software in the head, brain, scientific and social construct.
But his manner of speaking - preferably loud and fast - means you get the impression he starts doing it long before he's decided what it is he wants to say.
But it is 40 years ago that the redoubtable Miss Hannah Hauxwell was discovered - in a manner of speaking - by Yorkshire TV researcher Barry Cockcroft.
Alexandria has paved the way, in a manner of speaking.