manner of working

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His desirable designs have a unique appreciation for detail and craftsmanship, ideals which are imbued in all of the collections and in the manner of working as a luxury engineer.
Technology perfectly supports this manner of working.
"(Suzy Kassem,Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem)Corruption in systematic manner may be seen as being institutionalized with informal manner of working superseding the formal rules, which are relegated to being a piece of paper only.
- To find a way to interact with each other to better understand the manner of working of both sides.
ICA aspires to be a driver in this development and will therefore, on top of the climate target for its own operations, be further developing the manner of working for lower climate impact among its suppliers.
yeh Modi zamana hai ( The government has changed, the culture has changed, the manner of working must also change...
The leader of one union asked me for anything I knew about his manner of working. "He's not like the Janes, is s he?" said the union leader, referring to previous education ministers Hutt and Davidson.
Her vast experience within the upper end of financial services, including her relationships with women in finance groups, will surely be beneficial in marketing our new manner of working in finance," commented Nick Leopard, Chief Executive Officer.
5 : a method or manner of working <The camera is designed for easy operation.>
I have a lot of respect for the work of Roberto Mancini, but I'm Jose Mourinho and I have a different method and manner of working," he added.
"We believe that the forum lacks credibility, both in its composition and manner of working," stated the BEUC.
Thus Rem Koolhaas (the best-known proponent of this manner of working) can rethink the very idea of a library and produce the crystalline Seattle Public Library (2004).