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Like many other of his traits and mannerisms this was the result of environment rather than heredity or reversion, and even though he was outwardly a man, the Englishman and the girl were both impressed with the naturalness of the act.
The mark of his father's early life was strong upon him and enhanced by months of association with beasts, from whom the imitative faculty of youth had absorbed a countless number of little mannerisms of the predatory creatures of the wild.
Of course, he has all his father's mannerisms, and it is quite possible that he, too, may be a Socialist."
He was simple, direct, afraid of nothing, and he refused to waste time on conventional mannerisms. "You pleased me," he explained long afterward; "and why should I not fill my eyes with that which pleases me?" I have said that he was afraid of nothing.
It should be helpful also to indicate briefly some of the more specific mannerisms of pseudo-classical poetry, in addition to the general tendencies named above on page 190.
Many have adopted Nietzsche's mannerisms and word- coinages, who had nothing in common with him beyond the ideas and "business" they plagiarised; but the superficial observer and a large portion of the public, not knowing of these things,--not knowing perhaps that there are iconoclasts who destroy out of love and are therefore creators, and that there are others who destroy out of resentment and revengefulness and who are therefore revolutionists and anarchists,--are prone to confound the two, to the detriment of the nobler type.
His mannerism, usage of words, dress sense, spectacles, and of course the looks will make you feel that he is none other than senior Bachchan.
Galileo's Thinking Hand: Mannerism, Anti-Mannerism, and the Virtue of Drawing in the Foundation of Early Modern Science
He emphasized the importance of mannerism. He said that Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) always emphasized the need of mannerism in order to build a society that has social harmony and strong familial bond.
The mannerism and styling of Ramandeep is said to be based on Hina Rabbani Khar.
As a tribute to the prince and his mom, Princess Diana, who gave birth to him, here's a ( list of their striking similarities from their mannerism to commitment in certain charities.
But the same persons find it alien to deplore same courteous mannerism towards their spouses.