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His work was hung up in any out-of-the-way corner of the gallery that could be found; it had been bought under protest; it was admitted by sufferance; its freshness and brightness damaged it terribly by contrast with the dirtiness and the dinginess of its elderly predecessors; and its only points selected for praise were those in which it most nearly resembled the peculiar mannerism of some Old Master, not those in which it resembled the characteristics of the old mistress--Nature.
It was quite evident from his very mannerism that Thurid had keenly guessed the man's weakness--even the clawlike, clutching movement of the fingers betokened the avariciousness of the miser.
I was surprised, and joyfully, that she was so much the woman, and the display of each trait and mannerism that was characteristically feminine gave me keener joy.
For Nature, who abhors mannerism, has set her heart on breaking up all styles and tricks, and it is so much easier to do what one has done before than to do a new thing, that there is a perpetual tendency to a set mode.
I have no doubt at all that a family mannerism can be traced in these two specimens of writing.
Summary: Lucknow's original language and mannerisms are slowly giving way to other dialects
All of these mannerisms are unnatural which suggests that the perpetrators think that it is somehow clever to talk this way, perhaps copying the American and Australian actors from whom they originate.
The lawsuit states: "Louie's appearance and mannerisms are strongly evocative of character actor Frank Sivero.
David Threlfall captures the mannerisms of the man who was married for 35 years to good-time gal Dove (Amanda Redman) but was also in love with his assistant, Mary Kay (Helen McCrory).
The sweetly neurotic lad is like a little version of Wally, with many of the same mannerisms and hang-ups, and it's obvious he's the dad.
Well, he has certainly accentuated his trademark mannerisms, but I doubt if he is trying to hide his upper-class background.
On video, you have the personality of the dancers--you don't want to teach someone else's mannerisms or personality.