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But while director Anne Bogart's cerebral approach has served to elucidate the work of writers like Charles Mee, bringing coherence to his often unruly collages, it douses Ruhl's oddball lyricism in manneristic coldness.
The Della Cruscan school of poetry was a short-lived but intense literary phenomenon in the 1780s and 1790s that mesmerized a large readership with its manneristic diction, sensuous style, and unabashedly sentimental subject-matter.
The late Fortini's poetry is seen to grow increasingly manneristic as he asks those questions which "la coscienza pacificata e falsa del nostro tempo rimuove, nasconde o utilizza scaltramente per favorire la perpetuazione dell'ingiustizia.
From a traditional point of view, the music seems to be rhetorically unbound, expressionistic and manneristic, without manners or logic.
With this scene Tasso has introduced the iconic or sacramental dimension, he has displayed his manneristic mastery of antithesis and introduced, through a strong female character and virgin, what Fortini calls the "erotica religiosa" of the poem.
Yet those willing to work and argue for at least a protest against this-and there are times when even a protest is better than nothing-had been let down by a manneristic, even eccentric noncampaign.
to lose hold on the central issues and become thin, manneristic, too arty, and
The smoothness of Wetherbee's translation is no mean feat, and it is purchased at some necessary, and generally self-acknowledged, costs: extensive recasting of syntax, departures from the usual lexical fields of some vocabulary, a great deal of interpretative expansion from the Latin text, and a smoothing out of the manneristic ornatus of late twelfth-century Latin verse.
But in other terms the film pursued--perhaps to a manneristic extent--means Black Audio had used often in the past: a suspicion of documentary evidence, a reliance on poetic recollection, and a sidelong approach to moral narratives.