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Colton always is very polite and mannerly," she said.
S]afe to say it was dealt with in a calm and mannerly fashion.
First to the kids--their beloved, mannerly kids who, at that very moment, unbeknownst to them, underneath their rice pilafs and roasted eggplants, were snickering noiselessly behind their hands.
A more civil, a more mannerly, a more courteous, a more respectful lad you would not meet.
When Wendy and he become separated Pengey does not give up, rather, he resolves that he will find her no matter the hurdle, but will do so always after pondering his options, and always being vigilant, sincere and very mannerly in the face of what might cause another to simply toss in the towel and bewail the trouble.
39 (450m): Catunda Bella, Forelacka Sadie, Kaiser Lad, Bit View Twinkle (M), Bound Tobe Lenny (M), Mannerly Mist (M).
04 (450m): Scala Tyson, Aero Black, What Is Real, Ballymartinmolly (M), Mannerly Mist (M), Sans Treve (M).
And all brought together quite magnificently by a kindly, mannerly manager who gives off the impression that even he isn't entirely sure quite how he's done it.
However, if one avoids invasive species, such as kudzu or Japanese honeysuckle, vines are mannerly and add vertical interest to the garden.
Foyle's War, that is, the drama in which she has been starring as plucky Sam Stewart alongside Michael Kitchen's mannerly and moral policeman since 2002.
I assume he meant there are times when Catholics should ratchet down the noise of their arguments and opt for a calmer, more mannerly (read: academic) approach.
Courtesy plays a role in a person's career development, but sometimes those who get promoted are seen as less mannerly.