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New Delhi: India yesterday successfully test-fired a highly manoeuvrable version of the 290-km range supersonic cruise missile BrahMos from a naval warship off the coast of Vishakhapatnam in Bay of Bengal.
As long as the hardware doesn't age too much and the spacecraft is manoeuvrable, the duration of the mission can be very long.
The Harley is very visually impactive but it's not as manoeuvrable for general patrol as the models we use in our motorcycle fleet."
The Sea Slice is to demonstrate the flexibility achievable by modularity in a small, fast, highly manoeuvrable platform.
Thanks to its size, the manoeuvrable fire-fighting machine will be able to get to remote and inaccessible places that larger engines can't reach.
In theory, this plan, concentrating specialised areas at each end of the building and through the centre, leaves open office spaces manoeuvrable and able to respond to changing circumstances.
The Shannon class lifeboat costs PS2.2m, and is the "most agile and manoeuvrable allweather lifeboat" yet, according to the RNLI.
Being so manoeuvrable, it can work on both horizontal and vertical pipes with minimum clearance space required, and its compact design makes it easy to carry and store.
Manoeuvrable and compact, the Courier is fitted with a choice of 1.5 and 1.6-litre diesels and Ford's award winning EcoBoost three-cylinder petrol engine.
Made from an outer shell of high-strength carbon fibre encloses layers of aluminium and titanium, and a wood core the skis are said to be significantly lighter than conventional skis making them very manoeuvrable.
It is neat and nimble to drive with light steering making it highly manoeuvrable around town although is less at home when it comes to motorway driving.
[This is] new equipment simply to give better protection to our forces and at the same time to make them more manoeuvrable Gordon Brown They [would be] backed up by partnering and mentoring done by the British forces.