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The advantages of using the trolley bus: They are quieter, they are manoeuvrable (can stop at the kerb), no road surface would have to be disturbed, they could be up and running in the time it takes to erect the overhead power lines and would probably cost millions of pounds less.
5 tonne lift capacity at 600mm load centres (in front of the wheels), and have been designed to give a multi-disciplined, high capacity, highly manoeuvrable truck-mounted forklift capable of meeting a wide range of lifting/handling or moving applications.
HMS GRAFTON is a type 23 Frigatea modernised,fast, manoeuvrable craft required to scout ahead of the main fleet.
The vehicles will be more reliable and manoeuvrable than existing tankers, so it's good news for our armed forces too.
Compact and light, the stations are available in both a wall mounted and an easily manoeuvrable mobile version for increased versatility.
It is very compact and manoeuvrable and very suited to the urban area.
Claimed to be the smallest, lightest and most manoeuvrable trucks of their type, these Atlet Compacts are designed for use wherever goods have to be moved safely and economically in confined spaces.