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cells are limited in the mantle zone without thickening.
The hyaline vascular variant typically shows hyaline vascular lymph follicles with expanded mantle zones that contain small lymphocytes forming concentric rings and an interfollicular capillary proliferation with perivascular hyalinization as in our case.
The characteristics of mucous secreted by the gland cells, a group of cells that compose the mantle epithelial layer, are reported to differ slightly from species to species and in the mantle zone.
Reactive follicles may show variability in size and shape but typically exhibit polarized germinal centers that are made up of centroblasts and centrocytes with admixed tingible body macrophages and small mature lymphocytes, which are cuffed by well-formed and defined mantle zone (Figure 2, B and C).
vi The name comes from the fact that the tumour cells originate in the mantle zone of the lymph node.
Neoplastic follicles are poorly defined; they lack a mantle zone and polarization; they have few mitotic figures; and they tend to lack tingible-body macrophages.
In subduction systems, there is an intermediate mantle zone in the overriding plate, located between the wedge and the neighbouring back arc.
The reactive lymphoid follicles comprise germinal centers with polarity and tingible-body macrophages, and the germinal centers are surrounded by the mantle zone with small mantle cells; the marginal zone with monocytoid lymphocytes is located outside of the mantle zone in the parafollicular area and is usually not prominent in the lymph nodes.
In fact, even floridly reactive germinal centers sometimes contain large vesicular nuclei and lack a well-defined mantle zone.
Cellular proliferations of mantle cell lymphoma typically are most evident in the perifollicular area surrounding residual germinal centers in the mantle zone pattern or may diffusely efface the lymph node architecture.