manual of instruction

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Chesterton said, "Well, if I were allowed just one book on that deserted island, I would choose a manual of instruction on boat building.
Elementary Gunsmithing: A Manual of Instruction for Amateurs in the Alteration and Repair of Firearms is a recommendation for sports and gun collections alike and reprints a 1938 classic: one of the few books of its time to address the finer art of gunsmithing to an audience of amateurs.
Contrasting with individualized reading, the basal approach may be highly centralized depending upon how much the teacher emphasizes using the accompanying manual of instruction.
One could say: 'I wish we had a manual of instruction for life.
Readers seeking a manual of instruction in modes of address to creditors and patrons now need look no further, while those seeking a manual of seduction will regret the loss of letters remembered when Fielding addresses James Harris on the distinction between love and lust: 'nothing was ever more irksome to me than those Letters which I had formerly from the latter Motive written to Women, nor any thing more agreeable and delightful than I have always found this Method of conversing with the absent beloved Object.
Weaknesses such as I have mentioned greatly limit the value of this work, especially as a manual of instruction for Catholic institutions.
Now, in collaboration with his son Andrew McAleer (who is also a Professor of Crime Fiction at Boston College), John McAleer draws upon his extensive expertise and experience to provide aspiring writers with a succinct manual of instruction with "Mystery Writing In A Nutshell: The World's Most Concise Guide To Mystery And Suspense Writing".
That's why literary agent Pam Brodowsky and successful author Eric Neuhaus teamed-up to create a 'how to' manual of instruction and advice to help aspiring writers seeking to break into print better the odds against them.
The commissioner directed that a manual of instructions for vehicles of Pakistani and international drivers of heavy vehicles should be developed.
The International Civil Aviation Organization has an entire annex to the Chicago Convention (Annex 18) on the carriage of dangerous goods by air as well as a manual of instructions.
Brigadier al-Jufairy urged the private security firms to abide by the manual of instructions and guidelines issued by his department and to provide adequate training and orientation to their staff.

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