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Men left their homes to enter the workplace and participate in the production of manufactured goods, while women, now charged with maintaining the home rather than seeking outside employment, became the consumers of these new manufactured goods.
trade in manufactured goods. In 1986, Canada and Japan each accounted for 20 percent of total U.S.
Major imports included dairy ($338 million), vegetables and fruit ($149 million) food products ($148 million), beverages ($128 million), petroleum and related products ($410 million) as well as $148 million in manufactured goods.
On the other hand, the sector of other goods witnessed a decline by 2.3%, the sector of machinery and transport equipment by 1.4% and the sector of manufactured goods classified by material by 1.2%, then the sector of animal and vegetable oils and fats by 1.1%, while the sector of raw materials except fuels and the sector of metal fuels and related products remained at their previous level each with no change.
Non-oil exports rose by over 100 per cent, reflecting increases of Dh0.88 billion in chemicals and related products, and 49.2 per cent in manufactured goods, classified chiefly by material.
imports from South Africa to the EU consist of manufactured goods, machinery
The PPI for manufactured goods increased by 0.5% month-on-month in June, mainly due to the rise in the pulp price.
WASHINGTON (Alliance News) - A report released by the Commerce Department on Thursday showed new orders for US manufactured goods jumped by more than expected in the month of March amid a substantial rebound in orders for transportation equipment.
We just have to increase production of agricultural and manufactured goods for us to meet this demand,' Lopez said in a speech at a recent business forum.
Kenya and Tanzania are also locked in a tobacco trade war, where Nairobi is protesting Dar's decision to impose 80 percent higher excise duty on cigarette transfers into Tanzania, despite the raw materials being sourced in Kenya.The East Africa Community Common Market protocol provides for free movement of locally manufactured goods within Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.
He also disclosed that the processed and manufactured goods exported in the same period amounted to N6.711billion.
The report noted that Egypt's most important exports during 10M 2017 were fuels, cotton, raw materials, as well as semi-manufactured and fully manufactured goods.

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