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The causes of variation in product performance and manufacturing processes will vary by the type of technology, its maturity, and the experience of the organization and its suppliers.
If the trade deficit in manufactures is added back to domestic production to get "adjusted manufactured output," and labor productivity (output per person) in manufacturing remains the same, we get projected employment in manufacturing.
The decline in manufacturing jobs, whether due to higher productivity or freer trade, is a boon to Americans
A defining characteristic of the manufacturing processes implicit to thin-film filter applications is the amount of manual labor required.
To participate fully in this streamlined product-development cycle, the successful molder of the future will increasingly need to get involved during a product's conception and work in concert with the designer, manufacturing engineer, toolmaker, machine manufacturer, and material supplier.
1 percent for both service and manufacturing firms with over $5 billion in annual revenue.
The manufacture of sail cloth on a large scale meant a boost to sailcloth manufacturing.
Contract manufacturing shortens time-to-market by reducing bureaucracy and overhead.

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