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MANUMISSION, contracts. The agreement by which the owner or master of a slave sets him free and at liberty; the written instrument which contains this agreement is also called a manumission.
     2. In the civil law it was different from emancipation, which, properly speaking, was applied to the liberation of children from paternal power. Inst. liv. 1, t. 5 & 12; Co. Litt. 137, a; Dane's Ab. h.t.

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Manumission took place in all Caribbean slave societies, including Suriname.
I only experienced Ibiza Town while doing Manumission parade work, striding the streets dressed in my red choirgirl robes ahead of the night at nearby superclub Privilege.
A typical notarized manumission specified how a given slave-owner decided to free his/her enslaved out of goodwill or under the auspices of a sponsor.
Manumission laws initially developed so that slaveholders could free children they fathered with bondwomen.
On your doorstep are many of the famous Ibiza nightclubs including Manumission, Space, Es Paradis and Cream.
From their manumission on 15 September 1814, to the abolition of slavery in Jamaica on 1 August 1834, the Clemetsons wheeled and dealed and got rich and powerful.
While Themudo's powers as Pai dos Christaos may have been curtailed as a result of the Junta of 1677-8, he continued to play a notable role in the day to day functions of the empire including the manumission of convert slaves.
There is an explicit request for an elevation to brotherhood, and some would argue that there appears to be an implicit request for manumission contained in Paul's words "will do even more".
The Revolutionary War failed to free all blacks, but the New York Manumission Society, founded in 1785, gave black slaves a new ally in their struggle.
The night, which has adopted the performance aspects which revolutionised clubbing at Ibiza's Manumission and Liverpool's Garlands, will give city clubbers the mixed night the region has been lacking since Rockshots closed in 1999.
Entertainment will come from fire jugglers, fire breathers, live sax, plus Tom on the trumpet and Pav from Manumission on the bongos.