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According to Frank Proctor, "the close reading of colonial law, manumission records and liberty suits casts strong doubt on the possibility that personal freedom was central to eslaved identity and agency in New Spain.
Instead, many enslaved urban-dwelling may have found their day-to-day existence tolerable despite the lack of personal freedoms awarded in letters of manumission.
Despite the considerable obstacles that legally securing one's manumission entailed, the African enslaved in early seventeenth-century Puebla actively sought their freedom.
Sadly, it is now clear that even after being awarded letters of manumission most of the enslaved in seventeenth-century Puebla continued to toil under their same masters or their master's extended family.
Manumission documents from seventeenth-century Puebla can be classified into three categories: unconditional freedom, conditional freedom and self-purchase.
However, Bautista also included a very specific restriction in Maria's manumission.
The council also moved aggressively to outlaw manumission.
Anti-miscegenation statutes were ignored, as well as the manumission prohibitions of the 1829 law.
Based on his experiences in the Caribbean and Brazil, Kingsley was an advocate of liberal manumission laws to encourage the growth of a large free black class.
Personal safety," Kingsley argued, as well as the security of slave property, depended on liberal manumission and the creation of policies which would convince "the free colored population to be attached to good order and have a friendly feeling towards the white population.
37) One way to evade the anti- manumission law was to depend on a trustworthy friend to permit the slave to live as free.
It seems that manumission was a family tradition the Flemings continued whether Florida was a Spanish possession or part of the United States.