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MANUMISSION, contracts. The agreement by which the owner or master of a slave sets him free and at liberty; the written instrument which contains this agreement is also called a manumission.
     2. In the civil law it was different from emancipation, which, properly speaking, was applied to the liberation of children from paternal power. Inst. liv. 1, t. 5 & 12; Co. Litt. 137, a; Dane's Ab. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Miami does not have a finalized development initiative for the site yet, as several development groups are making proposals, but Byrd was so impressed by the winning mixed-use development submission, he notes, "I would not be afraid to share the Manumit Village proposal with one of the developers.
According to Wiencek, "By 1769 slaveholding was twisting the masters into ontological and epistemological knots." In the opinion of a few farsighted individuals, it was time to reform the system by making it legally possible for masters to manumit slaves at will, thereby making it possible, in particular, to give liberty and social standing to mixed-race persons who were nearly or actually white.
The offer of Irish Quakers to contribute to a fund to manumit Douglass invites students to consider the question of whether purchasing a slave's freedom is a tacit acknowledgment of the legal right to own a human being.
In Connecticut, though the slaveholder's right to manumit was not established by statute, the norm was so powerful that Connecticut courts recognized it as a common-law right.
The ManUmit Powder Rheometer measures the flow properties not only of powders and granules such as flour, cocoa powder and sugar, but also wet mixtures.
The ManUmit measures the flow properties not only of dry powders, excipients and drag substances, but also cohesive powders, wet mixes and granules.
The introduction of the ManUmit Powder Rheometer by SMS will help manufacturers avoid typical problems, such as batch and source variation of ingredients, caking during storage, bridging in hoppers and sticking during production.
While I believe there is a case to be made for military interventions on humanitarian or human rights grounds, that does not manumit those who believe in them from calling them by their right name.
to manumit the second Charity, or her children, Organ, Miles, or
This paper examines and discusses the Manumit School, which was founded in 1924 in Pawling, New York, by William and Helen Fincke.
ordered him to manumit not only that slave but all the others he had about his house, which would be ...
I wish to manumit his brother Eupraxius and give him five gold coins as a legacy.