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Jupiter, having been manumitted by the Legrand family, moves across the country with Legrand, a decision for which the narrator offers a pat, if somewhat untidy, explanation:
Henry asserts that the act of eating together, a liberty they did not have under slavery, served a symbolic purpose for the newly manumitted.
To restore water to Bebba's Town, Jack and his two companions--the manumitted slave girl Pega and the monastery's slave Brutus--are then propelled on another adventure, this time to the underground kingdom of the elves.
He was a manumitted slave, and one of Islam's first converts.
The effects of these individuals on Roman culture at large were profound; many of them were eventually manumitted, but even as slaves they exerted a decisive effect on the imaginative world and the educational practices of ancient Rome.
Not Wholly Free: The Concept of Manumission and the Status of Manumitted Slaves in the Ancient Greek World (Mnemosyne Supplement 266), Leiden: Brill.
Some were people of color who had been manumitted by their owners.
Anyone, including manumitted persons, who was caught harboring runaway slaves would lose his or her freedom as well as that of his/her family.
Records show that in 18l7, three years after she was manumitted, Nancy already owned three male and seven female slaves.
As more manumitted slaves emigrated to Liberia, tensions between the ruling class, many of whom, like Day, had been free blacks, and new settlers flared.
Thus Robert Thorne, facing his sudden return to England, sold seven Berbers and six Negroes to Bartholomaus Welser and Heinrich Gessler on May 2, 1531, and manumitted his two Berber master soap makers on May 10, 1531.
The "thing" in this case is the body of "the said James Sommersett," who "being and continuing such negro slave, was sold in Virginia aforesaid to one Charles Steuart Esquire, who then was an inhabitant of Virginia aforesaid," and "thereupon then and there became, and was the negro slave and property of the said Charles Steuart, and hath not at any time since been manumitted, enfranchised, set free, or discharged" (Hargrave 6).