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The executors to Samson's estate, however, could find no document proving her liberation and were later informed by the colonial secretary that Samson had simply signed a note (biljet) manumitting Bettie, which carried no legal validity.
While many of these arrangements were strategies to keep families together, a goal some White masters also shared, and in some slave societies to raise manumission fees, others arrangements allowed family members to treat their enslaved relatives as bona fide slaves without the intention of eventually manumitting them.
On the contrary, she points out, "although he believed that some of his slaves were capable of independent living and may have thought he was training all of them for eventual freedom, there is no evidence that he took steps toward manumitting a single one" (32).
rather than purchasing them and then manumitting them.
A slaveholder was prohibited from manumitting a slave when the first master had stipulated in the original bill of sales that the slave was never to be freed.
Among Gregory's slaves were the two girls who were to continue serving Russiana, although she had the option of eventually manumitting them; if she did not do so, then upon her death they were to belong to the church of Nazianzus.
By reducing Ariel's thirteen year term to twelve, manumitting the dainty spirit ex gratia, Prospero rather preserves his theurgy from geoty.
Sometimes, manumitting old and diseased slaves without much earning potential might have been financially advantageous, but after 1750 slave prices were on the increase, especially in Cuba and Brazil, making all slave labor more valuable.
who emerges looks, in his attitude toward slavery, more like his manumitting sons and his repudiating grandson, and less like Isaac's L.