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MANURE, Dung. When collected in a heap, it is considered as personal property, but, when spread, it becomes a part of the land and acquires the character of real estate. Alleyn, 31; 2 Ired. R. 326.

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Land application equipment for livestock and poultry manure management.
A profile of manure management on Wisconsin livestock farms.
Our innovative animal manure management system is a sustainable option for dairies and other livestock operations that produces renewable energy and protects the environment," says ASABE member Ann Wilkie, an associate research professor with UF's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.
He has developed a region wide extension program in animal housing covering ventilation, manure management, and outdoor air quality in both the public and private sectors of the livestock housing industry.
The program automates the set-up, maintenance, and analysis for record keeping and manure management while meeting state and federal regulatory requirements.
The MNRE is implementing a National Biogas and Manure Management Progamme (NBMMP) for setting up family type biogas plants in the country.
For producers in the livestock agriculture industry, manure management is a regular routine, but also one that challenges them to be efficient with the time they devote to it.
Position Description: The primary focus of this position is educating producers about environmentally friendly manure management systems while providing citizens of Iowa information about environmental impacts of livestock production, with emphasis on water quality.
Albans will receive the grants from the CVPS Renewable Development Fund, set up in 2004 to encourage farm owners to develop new renewable generation and provide new manure management options through CVPS Cow Power(TM).
Most farmers have a manure management plan and this will identify where it is safe to spread livestock manures and dirty water to avoid causing water pollution.
Where possible, the pig house should be sited away from human dwellings for purposes of disease control, manure management and avoidance of inconveniences to the public.