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MANURE, Dung. When collected in a heap, it is considered as personal property, but, when spread, it becomes a part of the land and acquires the character of real estate. Alleyn, 31; 2 Ired. R. 326.

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The reasons why the traditional inverse relationship remains intact are higher labour input, more intensive land use, greater manurial application, high rates of adoption of HYVs and greater irrigated area of the small farmers in relation to the large ones.
Loss of ammonia from poultry wastes not only reduces the manurial value but also causes pollution.
I counted ten different terms, some of them drawn from 19th-century reports the author cites: excreta, fecal matter, human waste, excrement, most disgusting and filthy matter, residuals, manurial resources (my personal favourite), solid refuse, excrementitious deposits (a close second, in my opinion) and simple filth.