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Many's the night I've watched her from the deck of my vessel, on seas far away from here.
The old gentleman wanted to know the nature and worth of everything that was found in the dust; and many's the bone, and feather, and what not, that he's brought to me.'
"I've looked at that point many's the time since because it was one of my favourite scores in the whole run in 2012 because of the significance of it and the timing and the quality of all aspects of it," says Maxi Curran (inset), then a key member of Jim McGuinness's Donegal management team.
"Many's the time I saw a couple leave, sick of being hassled.
Many's the time when one of us is gazed upon without consequence, when one is apprised, judged, appraised, for sale and consumption.
Many's the time there have been cases where some offender is in custody for seriously assaulting/ robbing some old woman in her eighties.
Many's the time I have whispered "that's how to tell a story!" His story-telling, jokes and episodes are classics - I have likened his performance to that of a good symphony - the listening pleasure heightened when we know what's coming!
Many's the time we'd share a lively discussion about Keynesian economics or the state of the newspaper industry.
Many's the time a game was won or lost in the last five minutes because the other team finished stronger.
Many's the lad who fought for his King, Determined, along with his pals to bring An end to the conflict begun by others, A war where parents, sisters and brothers Were destined to die, so many were lost A horrible war, a terrible cost.
Many's the time she had to pawn her wedding ring (which I now wear) and this well-worn ring reminds me of how poor we once were too - no this, no that.
Many's the time I've won the European Cup for United and the Euromillions Lottery, both on the same day, and been asked for a date by the three sisters in The Corrs.