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This map series was later adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation as the base for World Aeronautical Charts.
A statewide topographic map series is available for the first time in the new GDA94 datum.
Other small scale map series were developed by splicing together photo reduced negatives of the 1:5000 series.
US officials have said in recent days they hope the Gaza disengagement will be followed by further West Bank withdrawals as a means of reviving the road map series of steps leading to a Palestinian state that is backed by the quartet of the US, Russia, European Union and United Nations.
The VisitBritain organisation revealed it is using the film as the theme for the latest in its movie map series.
The Visit Britain organisation is using the film as the theme for the latest in its movie map series.
The new Autodesk Map Series is an integrated suite of mapping and design software for GIS, enabling mapping and infrastructure management professionals to create, maintain, integrate and present maps.
The first range - the MAP Series - is made up of three 10krpm hard drives with capacities of 36, 73 and 147GB.
The 1980 census enumeration district boundaries of the counties in Missouri were digitized into ESRI's ArcEdit off a mylar analog map series called, "1980 Census Map.
Even though some prototype systems were developed using 1:5,000-scale base maps, which are the largest-scale map among national topographic map series, a general consensus was to develop large-scale digital base-maps from scratch.
Moreover, since there would appear to be few equivalent map series for other North American cities, their method of construction, discussed below, should be of more general interest.