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Thrust faults imaged in the Bottle Lake transect support that speculation and may also partially explain difficulties in dividing the Flume Ridge into mappable members.
Memory transfer might soundike the stuff of science-fiction, but he film's writers, Douglas Cook and David Weisberg, were inspired by real cutting-edge scientific research in neurobiology, brain architecture and artificial intelligence, which suggests the processes that make up our innermost minds might soon be mappable and, as a result, consciousness itself might become transferable.
Gene expression level analysis was performed by the reads per kilobase per million mapped reads (RPKM) method using the formula RPKM = 103C/NL, where C is the number of mappable reads that uniquely align to a unigene, N is the total number of mappable reads that uniquely align to all unigenes, and L is the sum of the unigenes in base pairs (Mortazavi et al.
Epic narrative and epic description, historical particularity and figurai inventiveness, the mappable and disorientingly unmappable, all work dialectically to generate the novel's distinctive socio-spatial landscape, to repeat Bowen's words, as "at once 'other' and our own.
At some point during the approach, Pluto will transition from a world seen only fuzzily to one that has mappable, nameable features.
This disenchantment is linked to the idea that utopias are doomed to failure, since the utopias in this period's novels are not essentially different from other places in the world; because they exist in mappable space, they can vary only slightly from the universal human condition.
For a metaphor to be multimodal, target, source and/or mappable features must be rendered in, at least, two different modes (or sign systems) (Forceville 2008: 463).
By attaching accurately geo-referenced latitude/longitude coordinates to each specimen, this project has generated thousands of mappable data points that augment previously available digital biogeographic records of Cincinnatian taxa.
Although never definitive, such metrics do give some indication of the reach of a campaign message (McCafferty, 2011), a reach also mappable through donation rates, pledges to consume more ethically, and the shifting discursive positions articulated in online comments forums.
The model features a thinner crosshair grille, LED turn signals and DRLs, swept headlights with projector lenses, streamlined side scallops and 'racetrack' tail lamps, a new steering wheel with mappable auxiliary buttons that can control aftermarket gear, while the larger brake package is now standard equipment.
The sequence reads that were uniquely mappable to the human reference genome reached mean haploid genomic coverages of 51-fold, 34-fold, and 28-fold for the first-trimester, third-trimester, and postdelivery maternal plasma samples, respectively.