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And so it was that Tarzan looked with little relish upon the future he had mapped out for himself.
As soon as I got one sentence of explanation mapped out in my mind I felt nobody could believe it and I must compose another.
With a half-sheet of notepaper and a pencil, he had mapped out a road which had made one, at least, of the two surveyors thoughtful, and had largely increased his respect for the English capitalist.
We held a long council of war, and mapped out the following line of action.
I've watched it many a time and thought what a thing it would be to pass out through that great white glory to whatever was waiting beyant, on a sea that ain't mapped out on any airthly chart.
The day was splendidly clear, and we enjoyed a most extensive view; to the north, the country appeared a mass of wooded mountains, of about the same height with that on which we were standing, and with an equally tame outline: to the south the broken land and water, forming many intricate bays, was mapped with clearness before us.
This enormous task was to be mapped out and its results summarized in a Latin work called 'Magna Instauratio Scientiarum'