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Moisture Mapper was founded in 2005 by a group of professionals that recognized a need in the property insurance industry for a common platform that could effectively document and communicate all aspects of the water mitigation "process" on both residential and commercial properties.
The UIDAI says that in case a beneficiary does not want to put his/her new bank account on the mapper, then the customer should be provided a methodology to reverse this mapping.
Webster, then a novice programmer, developed the first version of the Mole Mapper app while completing his PhD at Stanford University and conducting basic research on melanoma biology.
Meeting Mapper turns meetings into revenue by identifying and capturing the hidden reasons why people don't buy and sales don't close.
To illustrate how Threat Mapper can be used in the field, we built a simple threat map for an area that has had numerous mortar attacks.
Because many of today's more popular games are based on top box office hits, such as the James Bond movies or Lord of the Rings, Ostler says creating these types of games can be made easier with Rappid Mapper.
The fourth-generation Hypermapper is the industry's densest, single-device mapper with an integrated add-drop multiplexer (ADM) capability, enabling higher performance, functionality and speed, while reducing space, development cost and time.
Targeted at SONET/SDH terminal or add-drop multiplexers, access concentrators, voice gateways and radio network controllers in 3G wireless networks, Ultra Mapper packs three times more circuitry on a single chip than Agere's Super Mapper product, introduced in 1999.
The mapper also makes notes to further describe what is occurring in the care setting.
CLC bio's new read mapper scales extremely well with multi-processor machines, enabling up to 35-fold decrease in time to finish a read mapping, and delivers the highest accuracy in almost all the benchmarks.
Trimble announced today the release of its AFC Mapper App, a free, standalone Web and mobile app that can run on the latest version of the Trimble Unity software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for managing critical water utility assets and field operations.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 16, 2014-Geostationary lightning mapper instrument delivered by Lockheed Martin