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The Moon Mineralogy Mapper provides us with compositional information across the moon that we have never had access to before," said Carle Pieters, the instrument's principal investigator, from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.
To do this, Threat Mapper splits the data, using the early attacks to build or train the threat map and the recent attacks to check or test the accuracy of the threat map.
Not only can Rappid Mapper streamline the video gaming process, but the program has unlimited potential to capture and analyze our world, Vashisth says.
Meeting Mapper maps out decision-maker strategy by role and stance during important meetings in an attractive graphical display.
The OAG Route Mapper is an easy-to-use tool that provides instant point-to-point travel information.
RF Consulting Services, a provider of system performance tools and engineering services, has announced the release of Mapper 3.
in the development of a Stray Current Mapper --an above-ground, one-person-operated system that can detect, identify, and assess stray current interferences.
When their presentation left Solomon dubious, Long and Mapper invited him to witness a field test.
Intermap's leading-edge geospatial data now available to subscribers of Blue Marble's Global Mapper Software
announced today that Trimble will distribute Peck Tech's uGPS Rapid Mapper system, a new laser-based mobile mapping and surveying system used in underground mines.
Point N Time Software's Meeting Mapper Fusion is Available Today; See Demo in Booth N1022 at Dreamforce Nov.
a leading Philippines based digital mapping & GIS applications developer, recently unveiled Business Mapper a tool that helps businesses visualize location of their customers, saturation, supply chain and other location sensitive operations or activities.