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There have arisen, over the years, dynasties of finance, politics, racketeering, music, maquillage, fireworks, the flying trapeze, and even jiujitsu, but few family businesses have proven quite so prodigious or beneficial to the commonweal as that of the Stevenson clan, four generations of whom built, between 1790 and 1940, ninety-seven lighthouses around the fearsome Scottish coast.
554), is also a painter and uses art and its various representations in his wonderful new novel, L'art du maquillage.
Selon Dubois, l'elaboration de la Stretegie nationale sur les forets canadiennes (1991-1992), que le Quebec n'a pas signee et dont il fut absent des deliberations, <<fut une vaste entreprise de relations publiques ou le developpement durable devint, non pas le vrai visage de la foret canadienne, mais un simple maquillage.
23 One can find any number of long descriptions that only belatedly and obliquely refer to anything human: "des rubans, des fleurs et des peries jonchaient le parquet; des taches de punch et de sirop poissaient les consoles; les tentures etaient salies, les costumes fripes, poudreux, les nattes pendaient sur les epaules; et le maquillage, coulant avec la sueur, decouvraient des faces blemes, dont les paupieres rouges clignotaient" (ribbons, flowers and pearls covered the floor; sticky spots of punch and syrup covered the tables; the chairs were dirtied, the costumes crumpled and dirty from powder; hair was falling over shoulders; and make-up, running from the sweat, revealed ugly faces and red blinking eyelids) (L'Education sentimentale 120).
Present in over 70 countries its 20-plus brands include namesake Shiseido, Elixir Superieur, Maquillage, and Integrate brands, which are sold through department stores, drug stores and other retail outlets.
Elle se faisait bronzer autant que possible et utilisait probablement, bien qu'elle ne l'ait pas declare, du maquillage.
Puis, Samia Merzouk, diplomee en esthetique et maquillage professionnels, a ouvert son propre institut et y a travaille plusieurs annees.
Shiseido continues to focus on core brands and two mid-priced lines, Elixir skin care and makeup and Maquillage makeup led gains.
Enfin, Carine Mansour, de son cote n'avait pas de role a interpreter sur scene, vu qu'elle etait chargee du maquillage des acteurs.
Sembene Ousmane, comme l'ecrivain algerien Kateb Yacine, a pris un nom d'auteur qui est un maquillage de son nom de l'etat civil.
Sandberg has made, and continues to make, drawings and small-scale paintings depicting individuals in odd maquillage taunting one another.
Because, from the moment I bought my first pot of Yardley's foundation in 1975 - such a sublime smell - I was hooked on the art of maquillage.