mar the appearance of

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When field-applied to Duranar GR or Coraflon GR coatings, Duraprep Prep 400 graffiti remover can eradicate spray paint, pen and marker ink, lipstick, scuff marks, tape residue, bugs, tar and other substances that mar the appearance of commercial buildings, according to the company.
Local people have also written to oppose the Lanchester plan on the grounds that the houses would mar the appearance of the popular commuter village.
Black specks, streaks, or poor color mixing are the most common problems that mar the appearance of cosmetic injection molded parts.
On top of that, moist conditions support the growth of mildew, which can mar the appearance of any paint job.
Members of groups across the region will be conducting "street audits" to highlight the problems that mar the appearance of streets, confuse motorists and pedestrians and destroy local character.