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The post Taj Mahal police take aim at marauding monkeys with slingshots (V) appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
23 was soon on a marauding run up at the other end, winning a corner that was headed off the line by Zheng Zhi with Junling beaten.
He can't fly yet so he's hopping about stretching his wings from time we've been by a pair of crows who marauding our to time.
It involved first responders from the emergency services dealing with a marauding terrorist firearms attack and resolving a siege situation involving a large number of hostages.
Decimating our road haulage business, forcing our drivers to pay PS2,000 fines per illegal immigrant, attacking the French police and our drivers with knives, by definition becomes a marauding mob.
He said: "We've had vehicles surrounded by marauding mobs, opening doors, cutting trailers.
Kuldeep Singh Tanwar, state convener of farmers' outfit Kheti Bachao Sangharsh Samiti, said that selective killing of the marauding simians is the only solution.
Malaria-resistant kids make antibodies that can spot a parasite protein and trap marauding parasites within red blood cells.
The WAGS have been told that the marauding apes at the exclusive Sun City resort where they are set to stay during the World Cup are powerful enough to break in and smash up rooms.
MAXIMO PARK singer Paul Smith has revealed the surprise guests on the band's new record - marauding mice.
Tanzania and Kenya have joined forces to protect East African waters from marauding Somali pirates.
A FLOODED Australian town was warned to be alert for marauding crocodiles swimming its streets yesterday.