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Among those fleeing the violence was 16-year-old Shukria Ahmed-Nur who told how marauding thugs terrorised the streets near where she lived.
In the outdoor industry, some enterprising vendors made a handsome profit selling "Y2K Survival Kits," packed with everything one would need to fend off the hordes of marauding refugees that survived the resulting Armageddon.
The currants and the blueberries are also the focus of my marauding wildlife.
Women and children are the main victims, left behind with few resources, vulnerable to marauding soldiers.
VALIANT knight Tristan has devoted his life to Lord Marke, the man who saved his life as a child from marauding Irish hordes under the command of King Donnchadh.
Though scorned as marauding northern savages, and well-documented for their ruthless and brutal raids for riches and power, the Vikings were also expert shipbuilders, cunning merchants, skilled artisans, and daring colonizers of distant lands.
Like most beekeepers these days, Keeley doses his hives with a variety of treatments to keep the bees free of affliction: disease, mites and invasions by marauding animals such as skunks.
A new study proposes scaring marauding gangs of kangaroos away from farms and other private property by playing recordings of their own thumping feet.
She already had a gun in hand, one that she used to stop marauding coyotes from attacking her dogs when she let them outside.
the marauding black beast [is] selling some of the largest product in the marketplace.
A world away from the frenetic pace of downtown Beijing, I felt transported back to the Ming Dynasty, peering into the distant horizon looking for marauding nomads.