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BRANDY. A spirituous liquor made of wine by distillation. See stat. 22 Car. H. c. 4.

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IMA TRIVIA: Marc will be the third IMA Chair from Rider University.
In addition to this machine innovation, visitors can look forward to an original Marc Cain inkjet printer, which can be used to print onto almost any materials and finishing products.
It didn't take me long to realise we'd done the wrong thing," said Marc.
Frances, 32, said: "We were told that night that Marc had severe head injuries and no chance of survival but the next three days were spent waiting for doctors to confirm everything.
added, "With the Marc Ecko addition to our fragrance portfolio, Parlux Fragrances, Inc.
Marc told his friend: "She wasn't happy but I managed to keep her on the phone for an hour and by the end of it we were getting on really well.
Marc adds it is difficult to be consistent when making your own compost, and the benefits of purchasing synthetic compost outweigh the old artisan method.
Christine's son Marc Ferns, 21, died in Basra on Thursday when a home-made bomb exploded in front of his Warrior armoured personnel carrier.
In positioning the Marc as the latest in luxury living in Midtown, we worked with The Moinian Group to create an amenity package unparalled in Manhattan rental buildings.
In 2002, Marc Hall was a graduating student at a high school in Oshawa, Ontario, governed by the Durham Catholic District School Board.
Marc Antony offered a crown to Julius Caesar in front of the crowd.
Pitch-and-Putt Tournament Saturday," Marc read on Peggy Jo's Mini Golf bulletin board.