march off

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Then might the field be this moment well strewed with human carcasses, and the next, the dead men, or infinitely the greatest part of them, might get up, like Mr Bayes's troops, and march off either at the sound of a drum or fiddle, as should be previously agreed on.
Don Quixote seeing him march off with such resolution and spirit, said to him, "Take care, my friend, not to cut thyself to pieces; allow the lashes to wait for one another, and do not be in so great a hurry as to run thyself out of breath midway; I mean, do not lay on so strenuously as to make thy life fail thee before thou hast reached the desired number; and that thou mayest not lose by a card too much or too little, I will station myself apart and count on my rosary here the lashes thou givest thyself.
March off like a passel of fools and leave eight or nine thous'n' dollars' worth o' property layin' around jest sufferin' to be scooped in?
However, my current intent, after our next issue is to turn right, salute, pause and march off the parade square (as far as my walker will allow!) And bless--and thank--you all.
"You'd imagine coming in December and March off level weights, the races
Batley: Procession assembles at Batley Market Place at 10.15am for march off at 10.35am to Batley War Memorial Gardens for service at 10.55am.
Morning Glory tanker was seized by the US Navy on 16 March off Cyprus, a few days after it left Es-Sider oil terminal with a cargo of crude oil.
Ted Durcan had his mount anchored in the early stages and, despite travelling strongly into the final bend, Main Line appeared to have plenty to do as even-money favourite Beau Duke stole a march off the home turn.
"To be told out of the blue the Prime Minister was going to, you know, march off and say, 'I'm fed up with this.
And then at the end of the game the team leave Ryan Jones alone to collect the winners' cup and Man of the Match Award while they march off down the tunnel - no doubt to have an ear bashing on the dismal display.
I didn''t realise the scale of it all until I turned around, from my spec by St George's Hall, to watch them march off into town.
He fouled his own nest by deciding those tuneless trouts, the Conway Sisters, stay and the melodious Maria march off.