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Marcher possesses not only boldness but also some "heroic self-image" (Fogelman 70) and aspiration displayed in a conviction of himself as "the most disinterested person in the world, carrying his concentrated burden, his perpetual suspense, ever so quietly" (456).
As the marchers finally reached the Palace just after midnight, protestors chanted the numbers one to thirteen followed by the word, 'Immortals'.
Speaking in 2008, he said: "Places which had never heard of Jarrow certainly got to know of the town's troubles after the marchers passed through.
After subjecting the estimated 8,000 marchers to a mile-long gauntlet of deafening taunts and threats, the militant mob surged through thin police lines and blocked the street, defying police orders to disperse.
State television broadcast live pictures of rallies in Kermanshah, Ilam and Gorgan, where marchers waved Iranian flags and pictures of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Leading the marchers towards Islamabad, the JI KP chapter Chief Mushtaq Ahmad Khan said that despite cold and continues rain, they would continue their journey towards the federal capital, as the government was not much interested to implement all the recommendations of the Fata Reforms Committee for once and all.
We are taking the coffin of FCR to Islamabad and will bury it in front of the Parliament House,' he said and demanded of the government to announce Fata-KP merger before the arrival of marchers in the federal capital.
The marchers returned on the train to Jarrow, and received a heroes' welcome.
The actions of the marchers, despite not having the desired impact at the time, are still relevant 80 years on as their stories are remembered with real pride by the people of South Tyneside.
One of the elderly marchers, said Geronimo, had to be brought back to his hometown in San Andres, Quezon province, after getting first aid treatment.
Organisers had told the MacLarens that they needed at least 20 marchers to take part.
Standing at the open church door, gripping the bell rope, we were ready to ring our bell and cheer the Truth and Reconciliation marchers on their way.